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Dr. Nonsky is teaching us how to look fly without breaking the bank

Shopping to upgrade your wardrobe isn’t always healthy for your wallet.

Trends and quality are components that should but don’t help you decide on your fits daily and when in the stores. But breaking the bank is eminent when shopping around for drip.


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A post shared by Dr Nonsky | Fashion (@_nonsky) on Aug 29, 2019 at 7:52am PDT

Pharmacist, and Fashion Influencer, Chukwunonso “Nonso” Ezekwueche, is prescribing the best advice to get over your expensive habits when shopping for clothes.

As someone who has discovered their style and what works for them, Nonso is adamant about personal style and individuality.

Style Diagnostics


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A post shared by Dr Nonsky | Fashion (@_nonsky) on Dec 2, 2019 at 5:33am PST

Arriving in Canada, Nonso was a bit underwhelmed to find that Toronto was lacking in the style department. He wasn’t impressed by the muted, normcore flare of blacks and greys wandering the streets.

Nonso’s expectations were that of a more stylish North American city, like New York, or even something as unique as Paris.

Taste The Soup  


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A post shared by Dr Nonsky | Fashion (@_nonsky) on Oct 23, 2019 at 6:39am PDT

Coming to the Americas, on a budget, has its benefits; better vintage shopping and more stores to get deals from. Vintage is something not done too often, but Nonso tends to find great items that are affordable.

He prefers to go vintage over the lower end shops, like, HM and Uniqlo are suggested when it comes to affordable quality.

When feeling rich, Nonso usually frequents Zara as a go-to. It’s no wonder he recommends it as the best store for stylish quality garments for the budgeted shopper.

Fashionova has a good variety according to him as well.

Fini Footwear


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When it comes to footwear, Fini Shoes are amongst the top of Nonso’s list. Buying these shoes offers a lot of wears, designed for its versatility, completing Nonso’s style. When money is scarce, Fini shoes can be worn with suits, trousers, and even shorts (shorts not recommended).

“Don’t buy something for one purpose, buy something to use in multiple events,” Nonso explains. Fini shoes can be worn up or down, low tops or high tops, as they come with accessories to play around with.

“I like to attach the extra layers when I’m feeling cool. No brands have adapted this concept of shoes as intensely as Fini has.”

Don’t Buy Clout If You Can’t Afford Style


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Nonso digresses:

“Discover your personal style. Know what works for you. Know what your willing to splurge. Look out for sales. Don’t follow trends; they come and go.”

The Nigerian native is open to a transformative style, especially since moving to Toronto back in 2017. Nonso can often be seen on the streets of Toronto or “the gram” flexing in some stylishly tailored suits and topcoats.

Or you can catch him running errands in rip jeans with his chest peeking out from a flamboyant partially buttoned shirt.

Nigerians are known to be flashy in their style of dress, showing wealth but dictated mostly by destination.

But Nonso is humble and values his dollar, knowing the secrets of staying ahead of the trends and making a fashion statement.

Look out for this feature on PAGE magazine.