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Down to the last nug: Tips to conserve your weed during quarantine

“Just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed, where ain’t nobody in my business, don’t nobody gotta know. Let all your conscious go and blow it by the O,” Wiz Khalifa zealously sings on his song “Still Blazin’.”

We’ve gotta face up to the fact now that we in the crib indefinitely. Best way to move forward is to accept that. And to take wisdom from Wiz, one of the most prolific gas smokers we have in this world, take your quiet place at home, roll up, and let your mind go wherever it takes you.


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There’s no better time to get piffy than right now. The luscious lavish trees are aplenty, and for most of us, the distributors are stepping up in a difficult time and keeping us whole. Ya’ll the real MVP’s. 

With so much time at the crib, it is not so easy to stay stimulated. And that’s where the gas pops in. But as much as you want to smoke all day, you need to conserve your weed because everyone’s pockets are getting thinner during this quarantine. And if not, there is that daunting thought where the plug runs dry.

During these uncertain weeks, speaking for all creatives, we want to stay focused on our craft, deliberate in our approach, and creative in our delivery. For most of us, that means some weed smoke at different points of the day. So, here are some ways to conserve bud, ‘cause no matter who you are, saving weed helps out in the long run.

Issa big dub for friends

We’re usually the first ones to tell you to be communal when smoking heavy. It opens you up to new ideas, new perspectives, and can be a spark plug for something extraordinary. The fact is though, right now, it’s not smart, healthy, or prescient. 

Use this time to get high by yourself, or hit a friend up on FaceTime for a virtual cyph. Conserving bud starts with smoking by your lonely, and then you can be the lone decision-maker on when you’re smacked enough to put the blunt down.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much gas you save.

Make a toke schedule

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At what points of the day do you need a break? At what point does your computer screen start to blend together and have your eyes and head feeling crazy?

We all have different times of the day where we need a break. For some of us, we blow through the morning and need that afternoon recalibration of a nice toke. For others, a wake-n-bake strategy gets the creative juices flowing.

And for some, the work is all throughout the day, and at night, when everything is done, a quick smoke is the safe haven where you escape. A piff schedule is the easiest way to conserve your gas, and at the same time optimize your abilities each day. 

Grab that grabba son

Pass the fronto. 

Anyone who has gotten spliffy before knows the joint burns cleaner with a little tobacco involved. Quantity dependent on how much each person likes, rolling up a spliff allows you to conserve weed.

The results will astonish you, and the effects of the joint will, in most cases, might have you feeling greater than a normal joint would. 

A little tobacco, a little fronto, or whatever non-NY-heads call it, is a game-changer. Especially for those of us that like to smoke during the day: no more light-up and pass out. 

We light-up and get after it.

Take a walk

We’re all going stir crazy. Even rich celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens are tight because their lavish mansions aren’t enough and they can’t go to Coachella. Weather-permitting, take a walk wherever you can, and take a breather.

Getting out of the crib and into some new surroundings (hopefully in a bit of nature) gives our minds some much-needed change. 

Then, sparking up is a whole new ballgame. You can really feel the effects because you’re out of your comfort zone. OGs know because that high is the high that you felt your first escapade into the world of piffing.

Suddenly you don’t need to repack the bowl, or smoke the joint down to the length of Plankton. If you can pop out the house, pop out. It’ll serve you better in the long run.

Just tap out homie

No one’s watching, gang.

You can put out the blunt and return to it later. Take a deep breath and look around. Peep the work you did during the day. How does it look now that you gave your mind a rest? Now that you’re in a different headspace?

There’s no shame in being smacked and admitting as much. It’s better because what we don’t smoke now, we have for later. So, bless up fam. Keep those trees clean and your minds even cleaner. And like Wiz said, let your conscious go.

Free up, we got some time to go.