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Dounia’s ‘SPECIFIC’ proves there’s more to her than ill beats and glamour

R&B chill hop queen Dounia dropped a visual to accompany the song “SPECIFIC” off of her latest mixtape THE SCANDAL. Reminding us that there’s more to her than ill beats and glamour, Dounia provided visuals with lyrical focus.


Dounia describes the video as “Lyric Video Thing, This Song Just Goes Hard.” And she’s right. The visuals are in black and white with Dounia as the main focus, her face rapping to the beat Breakfast N’ Vegas produced, letting the bars stand for themselves.


“I’m just a wholesome girl
Barely cut out for Hollywood
I don’t be getting how they move
I don’t see how I ever could”

The opening lines of the song intro us into Dounia’s shift in mindset about the music/party scene. Her time in Hollywood is somewhat at odds with her new priorities. The hardcore party scene just doesn’t fit with her message.

A “wholesome girl” referring to her avoiding drugs and alcohol for more chill vibes and good times outside of vices. But the rest of the song makes sure to remind us that she’s still THAT bitch.

Changing Perspective

“I’m just here for the vibes
If Dounia’s involved, it’s gonna be a good night, no doubt”

Her change of perspective on the party scene comes with a renewed sense of spirituality. The song mentions her religious views and accompanies them with the intent to focus on her success rather than a love interest.

“Halal shorty, wallah shorty
Up all night talking to Allah shorty”


“Yeah I guess I want a lot
That list don’t involve no shorty
I don’t need nobody”

Still THAT Bitch

The rest of the mixtape also has similar themes of rejecting the parts of her life that are no longer beneficial or that never were. The first song on the tracklist is GLASS WALLS produced by Dounia herself.

The song expresses the realization that the singer and rapper deserve positivity and recognition for her work and talent that’s worthy of a house with glass walls. Many songs on the tracklist including LOWKEY GIRL, UP 4 AIR, COCKY, ROYAL emphasize Dounia’s earned confidence and calm demeanor about being at the top of her game.

And Fans are loving the back to back bad bitch anthems. Dounia also recently features on songwriting duo Marian Hill’s “Take A Number” still in line with the Dounia bad bitch vibes.

Will they stop sleeping on Douns? Only time will tell.