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Don’t want no smoke: Why Kanye apologizing to Drake is the smart move

After apologizing for his insensitive comments on slavery at Chicago’s WGCI radio station last week, it appears Kanye West is still feeling remorseful, taking to Twitter today (Sept 5th) to apologize to none other than Drake.

If you remember, Kanye came under question when sensitive information regarding Toronto rapper’s son was divulged during his back and forth with Pusha T.

Drake and Kanye had been working on music together at the time and it was the assumption that Kanye had to be the culprit. But he isn’t that’s not the case. “I did not have any conversations about your child with Pusha,” he writes.

It’s clear Drake has severed ties with the G.O.O.D Music CEO, dissing him while stopping through Chicago on his tour with the Migos and again on a forthcoming collaborative single with French Montana, “No Stylist.” “I told her don’t wear no 350s ’round me,” Drake raps during a newly-leaked snippet of the record.

Kanye’s apology tour could mean new music, or possibly that his return to Chicago is making him open up more than usual. He did reopen rumors on running for President on DJ Pharris’s  Power 92 Chicago this week. Who knows?

We may not know why someone with an ego as big a Kanye’s is doing all this apologizing, but we’d be amiss to not think anything of it.

Ye by himself is already a master marketer and now that he’s paired with Kim, everything he does must be second-guessed and scrutinized. Whether it’s to ensure a Drake feature on Chance’s project or a chess move for something bigger down the line, you cannot take anything Kanye does at face value.

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Either way, it’s going to take a lot more to winning back over the public after his disparaging remarks and shortsighted political views.

Only time will tell if Drake responds or gives Kanye the time of day, but, it does appear that he is not gotten everything off of his chest.

In the meanwhile, what we do know is that we’ll be hearing more of Kanye as he works on Chance the Rappers new album in Chicago.