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Donald Trump is now beefing with loyal minion Jeff Sessions, but why?

President Donald Trump has found a new victim to direct his ire towards, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Apparently Trump is furious with Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe back in March and the president sees this as a betrayal.

Speaking at the Rose Garden on Tuesday, Trump answered questions about Sessions’ future as rumors swirl that the president may want to fire him.

When asked if he would fire Sessions, Trump answered, “we’ll see what happens,’’ the same answer he gave when asked about former FBI Director James Comey before he fired him.

Trump went on,

“I’m disappointed in the attorney general. If he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office, and I would have picked somebody else. It’s a bad thing not just for the president, but also for the presidency. I think it’s unfair to the presidency.”

The Don also claimed that he wanted Sessions, “to be much tougher on leaks in the intelligence agencies that are leaking like they never have before… You can’t let that happen.’’

All of this happened after Trump had a grouchy morning on Twitter and was upset that Sessions wasn’t tough enough on… Hillary Clinton?

As the Washington Post noted, Trump’s tweets are at odds with the president’s own comments since the election as well as the fact that the investigation was dropped by the intelligence community.

From the Post,

“The president’s insistence that Clinton be investigated runs contrary to his own past statements, and the decision by the Justice Department and the FBI last year to close the investigation into her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. Sessions has recused himself from Clinton-related matters, citing his involvement with the presidential campaign as one of Trump’s major advisers.”

It’s sort of unclear what Trump wants out of Sessions. The Attorney General was heavily involved throughout the campaign and was the first and only congressman to endorse the president until his nomination became a formality.

Many conservatives see Sessions as someone that can actually legitimize Trump’s policies cracking down on immigrants and inner-city crime.

Jeff Sessions is a completely despicable bigot and we’re never going to feel sorry for the dude, but this whole affair does show how Trump values loyalty over everything, despite the fact that Sessions did exactly what he’s supposed to do in this case.

As the Post reports, Trump doesn’t seem to understand the actual functions of the Justice Department,

“Within the Justice Department, that reaction was viewed as another indication of how little White House officials appear to understand what the Justice Department does. “

Sessions’ chief of staff has claimed that the attorney general has no plans to resign and will stay on to enact his radical agenda.

Get the popcorn ready, this beef isn’t going anywhere.