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Donald Trump is a predator. So why are we ignoring it?

Predator Trump. Pervert Trump.

These are not outrageous, subjective claims. Nor are they partisan or rooted in opinion.

When a man has a history of ogling girls under 18, including his own daughter(s); when a man has a multitude of women in his life accuse him of rape… when a man has audio captured of him speaking about women in a predatory manner, audio of him speaking about Jeffrey Epstein in a favorable and friendly manner, what else do you call him?

The constant distractions

The news is extremely oversaturated currently, and it has been since the very moment Donald Trump entered The Oval Office. In fact, it seems more like a strategy now than anything else.

If the media is talking about you calling the troops “losers” and “suckers,” let’s give them something else to distract from it.

If the media is discussing a new act of sexual of misconduct from a woman about you, let’s give them something else to distract from it.

There has been no precedent for the corruption and ineptitude we are all witnessing right now in the U.S. Stories stemming from Trump’s failures or corrupt dealings get one day in the limelight when under ANY other administration they would be running for months.

The sensory overload that the news media must deal with is difficult, but it doesn’t warrant negligence on the facts we have been provided with for decades now.

The evidence is overwhelming…


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So why is this not talked about more? The society that turns a blind eye to victims of sexual assault and abuse is no society. The depravity…

Jeffrey Epstein, the man who ran a sex trafficking ring in the early 2000s, has been seen on video with predator Trump at one of his lavish mansions before, and Trump even sounded like he held sheer admiration for him.

In 2002, Trump said of Epstein,

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he liked beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

When you’re a narcissistic sociopath, you say things and expect no consequences. That’s why there’s an old tweet contradicting just about anything Trump says now.

But there is video evidence of Trump being buddy-buddy with Epstein, a known sex trafficker, and vile human being. How is that not the nail in the coffin for this depraved orange despot?

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, recently came out with a book detailing Trump’s alleged crimes and misconduct. Cohen stated that Trump said of Cohen’s 15-year-old daughter, “Look at that piece of a**. I would love some of that.”

Predator Trump will be ousted…

It is icky, it is gross, it is shameful. And chances are we will only hear more wicked stories about Donald Trump as the years go on.

Donald Trump is not just a power-hungry tyrant, he is a predator to children and women all across the country.

The evidence is overwhelming. Now is no time to turn a blind eye.