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Does Gen Z have a crystal obsession? Tapping into their healing powers

Today most of Gen Z is using a crystal in their everyday life in their spiritual healing and wellness practices.

For centuries many cultures have used crystals in their metaphysical and healing practices, most recently these crystals have gained greater popularity.

Chances are you’ve probably seen more and more people wearing vibrant colored crystals around their necks. As pretty as they are these crystals are more than just an accessory. We researched the best practices historically to get you going on your spiritual journey. 

Placing a crystal in your home according to Chinese Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice in arranging objects in one’s environment to achieve balanced energy.

According to Sandra Kymes Gemstone Feng Shui: Creating Harmony in Home & Office, Gemstones embody the energy of the elemental cycles of creation and destruction utilized in feng shui. 

In feng shui, the center of space is an important area. As a grounding technique, you can place some of these crystals in the center of your room. 

  • Rose Quartz 
  • Hematite 
  • Red Jasper 
  • Black Tourmaline 
  • Black Obsidian

How Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli and Malachite

It’s no surprise that the use of crystals has been around for a while. Much like Gen Z, The ancient Egyptians used crystals and other minerals in their jewelry. Today Lapis Lazuli is associated with wisdom love and healing abilities, however, ancient Egyptians believed that the hair of their gods was made of Lapis.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that is said to enhance dreams and metaphysical abilities. Keeping Lapis Lazuli crystals on you as a Gen Z creative can amplify creative thoughts. 

According to Hieroglyphs Malachite and the color green symbolized new life, even describing their afterlife as the “Field of Malachite”. Ancient Egyptians would use this green gem in their jewelry. Notably, Cleopatra used to grind malachite in her eyeshadow to prevent eye infections. 

For its healing properties, this gem was used to provide protection and help with childbirth

Rose Quartz is the swiss army knife of crystals

Quartz is found throughout the world and has a long history. There are many different forms of quartz but the most popular form is rose quartz, also known as the heart stone.

Ancients believed it opened the heart chakra, that can find new love or strengthen the love you have. There are many uses for this crystal. For mothers, you can place milk or food within a circle of Rose Quartz to make feeding newborns easier. 

Rose Quartz can also be used for children and adults who are having difficulties with sleep. For all my Gen Z people out there just place the crystals by your bedside.

Gen Z is using a mineral or a crystal to meditate

Meditation practices stretch across all cultures as a way to balance energy or understand oneself. Using crystals to meditate and lift yourself is a wonderful way of healing yourself emotionally. Hold your crystals in front of you or in your hand and just focus. The type of crystal you choose is based on your intentions. 

Here are 5 crystals that are amazing for meditation 

1. Amethyst (The Artist Stone)

A high-frequency crystal, Amethysts are said to enhance one’s meditative state. This stone can enable greater wisdom and creativity. As a comfort stone, this is great for those who experienced loss.  

2. Selenite (Stone of the Moon Goddess)

Selenite is a calming crystal. Those who used selenite have been said to gain greater guidance once a state of meditation was achieved. 

3. Citrine (The Merchant Stone)
4. Sodalite (The Logic Stone)

Sodalite stimulates the “The Third Eye” that induces a deep trance-like state. This state can help heal wounds of the past and learn from them. 

5. Quartz

For spirituals with too much going on in their mind, that it gets fogged up, Quartz is perfect to filter out distractions. Repetitive use of Quartz in meditation makes manifestation more achievable. 

If you’re Gen Z and looking to get a crystal, check out the 101 video below