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Doctor creates ‘death chamber’ for people that want to peace themselves

Is pushing yourself to the edge “legally” the wave?

Austrailian doctor, Philip Nitschke, has always thought so. He has built a new machine called Sarco that helps you commit suicide.

At first glance, the death machine looks like some kind of futuristic pod that has landed here from another planet. But, lowkey, if you were to hop inside of it, all curious and shit, you would be peaced within five minutes.

Once you press that ‘push to start’ in the 3D printed death chamber, liquid nitrogen starts flowing. The liquid nitrogen then gets you stupid sauced within 90 seconds, leading up to a loss of consciousness, ultimately peacing you from Earth forever.

Unless you can find the panic button which allows oxygen to flow into the machine before you knock.

Dr. Philip Nitschke has created a mobile coffin that you walk into alive and come out DEAD!

In an interview with Vice, Dr. Death explained his reasoning behind creating a machine that gives people the option of suicide, he said,

“Look, I believe that choosing death is a right. If you would tell me right now that you are going outside to kill yourself, should I stop you? I don’t think so. I believe that you, being an autonomous entity, are free to make that decision for yourself. It doesn’t make me happy, but it’s your decision. In that case, I only offer the option of a peaceful passing.”

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Don’t know if anyone should have the option of a peaceful passing or should have the option of a peaceful passing?

If you do choose the option to peacefully pass away there would be some guidelines. You would have to pass a mental assessment and be at least 50.

According to the Vice interview, Nitschke doesn’t want people to think he enjoys seeing young people commit suicide, he said,

“I was accused of being happy when young people commit suicide. That’s why we have added the condition of a reasonable amount of life experience and the quite random age limit of 50. This was the only way to prove that we don’t contribute to suicide amongst young people…”

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Dr. Nitschke’s name has popped up in headlines regarding euthanasia.

He has an organization that promotes voluntary euthanasia called Exit International and penned a suicide handbook called The Peaceful Pill.

Actually, this man is so HOTBOY that his homies call him Dr. Death or the “euthanasia guru.”   

So when and where can we expect to see Sarco being used? According to Dr. Death, he’s hoping that “blueprints will be available online in early 2018. The first Sarco will most likely be built in Switzerland because someone there has taken an interest in the machine.”

The Dutch who made it legal to kill yourself back in 2001 also have embraced Sarco. Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, and Canada will probably follow suit as euthanasia is legal in those places as well.

What about the US? At this time euthanasia is still illegal at the federal level in the US. Still, that has not stopped assisted euthanasia from being legal at the state level in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC, and California.

If you ever see a Sarco in your neighborhood you could stop someone from peacing themselves.