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DIGITALAX launches new Minecraft-focused NFT esports tournament

DIGITALAX recently announced the launch of Minecraft Bed Wars ESPA Casual Esports tournaments and the new Minecraft Digital Fashion Skins that are setting the temperatures high for gamers.

In only a few months, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have come to the forefront of the cryptocurrency space. In addition to building immense hype for digital art collectibles in the form of blockchain-based tokens, they have contributed enormously to the adoption of crypto assets in general.

Today, gamers, celebrities, artists, sports stars, and influencers are all excited to get into the NFT space and buy new tokens or create their own to sell across NFT marketplaces.

Amid this, gaming is one of the most largely impacted sectors by the proliferation of NFTs’ demand. Many projects are currently working to integrate NFTs into games and implement new use cases. The digital fashion engine DIGITALAX has utilized this opportunity all too well.

DIGITALAX empowers gamers to have “skin in the game”

The Minecraft skins launched for the ESPA tournament are a class apart from the usual NFTs like the CryptoPunk and CryptoKitties. DIGITALAX has created a 3D animated render of multiple Minecraft-like characters that users can buy on the layer-2 blockchain network Polygon. 

Each of the 3D Minecraft characters is embedded with contrasting colors to represent unique themes and fashion. These avatars range from an Ethereum Unicorn that is more colorful than a rainbow to The Chairman that looks all dressed, tidy, and ready to rock the day at the office. 

There are 12 types of skins with three degrees of rarity, each designed by DIGITALAX in collaboration with the popular Minecraft skin designer Cleora.

To participate in the ESPA tournaments by DIGITALAX, players need to go to the official ESPA website and sign up using their MetaMask or Arkane wallet. Upon successful signup, players can register their Minecraft username and be eligible to participate in the tournaments to win $MONA as a reward.

The digital fashion skins as 3D Minecraft avatars will act as the official in-game authentication and identity markers for the players in the game. According to DIGITALAX, the skin will also act as proof for the users’ involvement in the game and help them earn $MONA.

Creating a unique gaming ecosystem

Through the combination of fashion, gaming, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, DIGITALAX is shaping an entirely new gaming ecosystem. Apart from creating the first casual esports for indie and modded games in the form of ESPA, DIGITALAX has much more to offer.

As a Web3-only metaverse, it not only focuses on the experience of gamers but also the developers, modders, and designers who add life to these games.

The platform offers a fashion toolkit for designers to create and deploy digital clothing that they can easily deploy across gaming platforms. The developers can then use these exclusive fashion apparels for the games they develop games.

Lastly, of course, the players get to experience what the designers and developers have collaboratively created.