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Digital artist Timo Helgert’s visual escapism is helping us cope in isolation

Right now, it’s hard to imagine how the post-corona world will look. Digital artist Timo Helgert, however, has some thoughts about it.

Creating a visual escape for those in isolation, Helgert (on Instagram @vacades) has created digital imaginings of cities around the world after the virus. Cities with flowers growing from concrete, birds chirping, and no people in sight are par for the course in his pieces. 

For sure, we’re all in need of a special space that we can go to. Times are tough ad it seems as if the worlds Helgert creates make way for a new and peaceful mindset. And Helgert’s The Return of Nature video series does just that.


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Presented in video form, a POV camera takes you on a walk through these flower fields in empty cities. It’s a surreal experience, watching cities overrun with plant life. He makes you feel as if you’re really there. 

And the environments he creates, in a way, serve a bigger purpose. A purpose, filled with emotion and life.

Helgert’s pieces leave one conflicted about how to feel: plant life is a lovely thing, but there is an eeriness to an abandoned major city. They are powerful pieces open to interpretation.

Not all of his pieces are so dystopian, though.

With Puma dropping their new Future Rider, Helgert was commissioned to do several renderings of the sneakers. With his futuristic style, we can all escape the mundane and see a vision of something brighter.


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Helgert also dabbles in making visual backdrops for calming tunes. Lest we forget about all his Youtube channel has to offer. From tutorials and travel hacking, one has to wonder what the digital artist can’t do.

Besides the futuristic pieces, @vacades is an adept artist talented at a number of facets of art. With some music-visual pieces and renderings of technology and cars, Helgert is, for sure, one to look out for.

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