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Did you know the money mouth smiley creators are Black?

We were able to link up and speak with the creators of the money mouth smiley and the launch of their NFT on Check out the full audio interview below.

Black creatives are now more than ever taking over the power that comes with building your own brand and creating a life from it — Enter the founders of Under the Bottom (UTB) lifestyle clothing brand and originators of the money mouth smiley.

Whether it’s merch, a podcast, music, handbags, Black creatives are taking over the creative market.

Before brands knew the power of social media, the brand Under The Bottom (UTB) Lifestyle was making its mark in the year 2007. Andre Burrows (Dre) and Karim Branscomb (Treem) came together to build the UTB Lifestyle brand.

They both had a mission to make their own mark in the creative industry. They took creative inspiration from folks Pharell and Lupe Fiasco. They had a plan to be more than just a brand and took off as soon as they team up with the likes of Wiz Khalifa in 2009.

A smiley face, with money sign eyes and money sign tongue sticking out is what the UTB duo created as their signature logo that put an emphasis on who they are and their visions of being a long-lasting company.

Throughout the years, UTB was able to reach far to consumers and eventually landed a deal and tour with Wiz Khalifa’s brand Taylor Gang. They built successful a brand that was worn by the likes of the late Mac Miller, Tyga, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, JuicyJ, and more.

money mouth smiley
Wiz Khalifa rocking the Money Mouth Smiley

Now a fast forward to 2021 and UTB is still here going strong and reaching new heights. This past August UTB announced that it was dropping its first NFT for the Brand’s signature logo.

They created a Twitter thread that explained how UTB started and was led to the NFT space. August 6, UTB released their NFTs for their original smiley design.

NFT are digital assets that anyone can purchase. It’s all a part of the cryptocurrency market and it allows creatives new ways to generate income and long-lasting revenue in whatever music, art, design, etc one creatives on the internet.

UTB lifestyle clothing brand released their NFTs on the site You check out more and bid on the original money mouth smiley by clicking here.

The marathon continues…