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Did T.I. think virginity tests were the wave until he did that podcast?

Controlling your daughter’s sexuality is nothing to be proud of, but T.I. sure is.

In a recent podcast on Ladies Like Us, rapper T.I. explained that he requires his daughter to have yearly trips to the Gyno to check that her hymen is intact. This is all types of creepy and wrong.

The Podcast

The podcast hosts, Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham have since taken the episode down and apologized for their “knee jerk reaction,” of nervous laughter. But the podcasters are the least guilty.

The bogus virginity test

It’s one thing to be a strict father who makes his position on sexual activity known, it’s another to subject your daughter to a humiliating and overall medically disproven procedure.

Violating a girl’s body with this unnecessary and inconclusive test could teach her that her body doesn’t belong to her. It confuses her idea of self-worth and possibly ties her up in a man’s idea of what her sexual activity should be.

UN Human Rights, UN Women, and the World Health Organization have all deemed virginity testing unethical because it is painful and humiliating. It’s a traumatic practice that stirs sexual confusion within young women.

Thinking that your daughter’s sexual activity is yours to control is quite creepy. Girls, imagine your pops going with you to get a “virginity test” starting around your sweet sixteen. Then the same year you’re about to go to college.

Creepy Father Vibes

T.I. also believes that he owns half of his wife’s body including her vulva, referring to it as her “sex box.” Lowkey if you call genitalia something as childish as “sex box” you shouldn’t be allowed near one.

The so-called “virginity vest” is odd to women, no matter the context. The test proves/disproves nothing. It is not medically sound, without health benefits, painful, and humiliating.

Let’s not forget that to some it is publicly humiliating. What if your pops was talking about your genitalia on a world stage. That definitely won’t win Dad of the year.

Loosen your grip

Controlling girls’ and women’s’ bodies adds to the misogyny and rape culture they will inevitably be subject to.

Now do you want to be a parent that protects your child from the sexism and sexual violence in the world, or do you want to be their first introduction to it?

Virginity tests are sexual assault.