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Desus and Mero roast DJ Envy, apologize, then roast DJ Envy again

As we’ve seen in the past, anything can go down during an interview Breakfast Club.

The New York radio program that’s become a household name due to it’s antics and knack for tacking touchy topics, proved just that yesterday during Thursday’s interview with Viceland’s Desus and Mero.

Out the gate, in what was apparently a brewing vendetta against the comedic duo, DJ Envy began with fiery disrespect, introducing them as “dickhead” and “pussy.”

His issue, as we would later find out, stems from jokes Desus and Mero made of he and his wife over a month ago when they appeared on the daytime talkshow “The Real,” where his wife Gia, went into detail about Envy cheating on her in the past.

“You owe my wife an apology,” he starts.

“My wife has been with me since I was 15, before I had a dollar. She was making more money than me. So to insinuate that she was there for a check or that she’s good with Envy’s check is a disrespect to me,” he continued.

Envy has a point: if he does not want his wife mentioned then he does not want his wife mentioned.

So, they apologized. But even after the apology and gaining clarity Envy still walked out of the interview, bringing into question asking for the apology in the first place.

Being that Desus and Mero have their own platform, they didn’t miss out the opportunity to capitalize on the moment, doubling down on their initial roasting, and coming at Envy’s life on their program last night.

“You felt that strongly and your wife wanted an apology, why didn’t you call us the same night?” Desus asked.  “We made a joke about you being a on a show with your wife discussing why — I don’t gotta say it, y’all know why y’all was there,” Desus said. “And you getting mad at me?”

Whether Envy was legit upset or this was a publicity stunt, he clearly got the short end of the stick during this exchange.

Not only does he just look silly, he walked off his own show and gave his enemies more supporters. That couldn’t have been his plan.

The Bodega Boy brand is a lot more brolic than Envy was expecting. It’s always crazy to see grown ass men go at it and be super petty like this.

The question is who really wants the smoke? I wonder how this is all going to end!