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Dennis Rodman wants to squash the beef between Trump and Kim Jong-Un

Since Young Thug started wearing dresses and joked that he was smoking penises I’ve felt like my life has been one long Boondocks episode.

With our reality show star President going on Twitter rants against North Korea’s war threats (isn’t it sad that this is a factual statement) it feels like I’ve finally started season 2 of my Boondocks life.

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What better to mark the second episode of this tragedy than Dennis Rodman offering mediation between Kim Jong-un and Trump? Nope, this isn’t a joke, this is legitimately something that’s happening right now.

The retired NBA star is actually really close friends with the dictator and… other dictator. Rodman has been to North Korea on many trips, which involved activities such as skiing, horse back riding, and karaoke with Kim Jong-un, all the while outwardly supporting Trump’s presidency.

Being friends with both guys, Rodman wants to take all the miscommunication into his own hands and “straighten things out” between the two countries.

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Rodman firmly believes that if the two “leaders” just sat down and had a simple chat, they’d probably find a lot more common ground than they’d expect.

Rodman, wearing a beautiful sparkling dress spoke on Good Morning Britain saying “I gotta hope that we can find some happy medium around the world and especially in America.”

You can see Rodman firmly just wants everyone to just get along and be all peachy and that’s a great view to have but for some reason I think these issues go deeper than a conversation.

All of this is exhausting to hear and see, I try everyday to be positive but it’s weird as fuck living in what seems like a satirical version of America.

Just look at this headline for a second, a troubled former NBA Champ is chilling with a North Korean dictator in hopes that our reality star President who used to wrestle in the WWE can find common grounds with him. If this isn’t a Boondocks episode can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?!

Watch Rodman’s full interview below so I don’t sound like a crazy person mixing a bunch of lives together like we used to do with our Ninja Turtle and Pokemon toys.