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Dear creatives: Why you need to keep creating in 2021

Dear Creatives,

This year was tough…

Still you’ve inspired us. You’ve inspired me.

The universe tried to stop us from creating. And circumstance pulled out all of the stops in an attempt to prevent us from pursuing what we love. Our passions.

Projects were halted, budget discussions became a whisper, and teams were broken up. Still, for those that adapted and are still surviving in the midst of insanity, this year will be one for us to keep close. The word we need to remember going into 2021 — RESILIENCE.

So many stories inspired us to keep going this year. From our #QuartineComeback initiative to our Finally Focused: NY to LA series it seems as if nothing can stop creatives from pursuing their dreams.

A lot happened in this past 365 and we were there for it. The marches and protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement birthed new forms of heroes. Advocates in pursuit of justice.

It was through their persistence we found inspiration to partner with The Gathering For Justice to create our Advocate Daily series. Not to mention, the platforms that allowed us to showcase what we do as a brand — inspire.

From our interview with Veterans Minimum to getting a spot on an All Black Everything panel, this year we really leveled up. To all the interns that worked with us too, thank you for helping us push forward.

To the dear creatives in our community, we reach our arm out to you and hope that the content we made throughout 2020 will continue to inspire you in the new year.

Thus far we’ve touched over one million creative souls out there and we plan on continuing to help more in their efforts to turn their passions into careers.

Always remember — There’s more to life. And the time we have on this earth is limited so we might as well do what we love.

A toast to 2021… May it bring more creativity.

Bless up,

Claude J. Easy

Kulture Hub – Head of Content