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Dead Facts: This polar vortex has got to go it’s fatally brick outside

Chill! It’s colder outside than most of us young-bloods have ever experienced and there is nothing that we can do about it.

No amount of layered clothing, underwear stuffed with hand warmers, or coffees held in hand to keep the blood circulating through your fingers will defend you against the rogue polar vortex mother nature has blown over America.

Thus far the polar vortex has claimed the lives of at least eight people. One was the life of an 18-year-old University of Iowa pre-med student. Gerald Belz was found behind an academic hall just before 3 am on Wednesday by campus police in the freezing weather.

Although the cause of Belz’s death is still unknown what we do know is that Iowa wind chill temperatures dropped to a deadly -51°F around the same time he was found. Homie, that’s 100 degrees away from 51°F. What was my “mans” doing outside?

Others that were taken by this monster polar vortex include a Milwaukee man who froze to death in his garage, an elderly Illinois man who fell and was found frozen several hours later, a couple who met in a snowy car accident, and a Chicago man who was struck by a snow plow.

It gets scarier. The mass of cold air that normally stays bottled up in the Arctic hit those living in the Midwest the hardest. The lowest temperature recorded was -77°F at Thief River Falls, Minnesota, on Tuesday evening. BRUH!

Chicago hit its record low temperature of -23°F on Wednesday morning that’s the lowest it’s hit since the mid-1980s. It’s so brick in the Chi peeps are out there thinking -6°F is average.

All should be shook because if you go outside you might not ever see the inside of a warm crib ever again. Could this be a state of emergency? Schools have shut down, 2,700 flights have been canceled, mail delivery service was halted, and train track rails have cracked.

In fact, they’re setting train tracks in Chicago on fire to keep them functional.

So, you’re probably wondering why this is happening to us. We don’t deserve this or do we? The whirlwind of icy polar air forms every winter and depending on the vortex’s strength it may shift or even split into pieces.

According to climatologist Judah Cohen, on Jan. 3, 2019, the polar vortex split into parts. It’s a pattern that is happening more frequently and is often followed by severe cold and winter storms.

After the split up, the arctic air takes two weeks to affect the weather and with it comes the freezing breeze we are feeling now.

Highkey we should not be looking forward to colder more intense winters but we may have no choice. As the earth continues to warm due to climate change scientists are predicting that these intense and extremely brick winters might be here to stay.

Dr. Cohen told the NYT,

“As the Arctic gets warmer and warmer, the severe weather picks up.”

Stay warm OGs.