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Creative stoner Lloyd Kanchan sets the scene with his cannabis dioramas

Lloyd Kanchan, also known as @rapoleon_dynamite on Instagram, aims high when it comes to creativity. No pun intended.

The creative stoner offers us something unique: a blend of marijuana and action figurines in dioramas.

He incorporates TV shows and films into his artwork like Stranger Things and Pulp Fiction. Kanchan even made his content political and created a Black Lives Matter diorama.

Talk about being multi-faceted.

Inspiration from up high

While Rapoleon’s work may seem like he’s been doing it for years, he actually only began two and a half years ago. He came across an Instagram account, @super_smacked_bros420, that inspired him.

The California-based creative stoner noticed the account incorporated Pop toys in its displays. He then stumbled across posable action figures and let his imagination take him further, paving the way for his online portfolio.

Rapoleon Dynamite’s introduction to cannabis happened over a decade ago. In 2005, he got injured while playing on his alma mater’s football team at the University of Oregon.

The medications he was prescribed, like Vicodin, caused him to have bad side effects. It wasn’t until he ended up at a party where he was offered a joint when he discovered marijuana was the remedy he never knew he was seeking.

After that, I remember I started dancing, and I felt good…The next day, I [remembered] that I’m probably going to have pains and wake up sore.

He continued,

But no, I remember we smoked again the next morning and we actually went to go play ball. I was like, wait a second; I wasn’t able to do this before when I was on the pills. With weed, I was able to do everything and still focus.

High input = High productivity

Marijuana affects people differently; some are more productive while on it, while others tend to become lazy.

For Lloyd Kanchan, it’s made his day-to-day tasks smoother. He previously worked in warehouses where productivity was paramount.

Kanchan realized that by being high at work, he avoided feelings of anger and discomfort. When he wasn’t high, he noticed those who weren’t working or moving rather slowly.

Moreover, this helped him focus more on his individual tasks, allowing for a smooth tenure.

I would just do my work, take my breaks, and pretty much just go home.

Haters, as Kanchan refers to them, assume he is slothful because he’s a weed smoker. He is far from that–the influencer plays basketball, football, and some baseball.

However, he says the haters are few and he’s received lots of love from fans. He adds that fan love is what keeps him going because he knows his content sparks happiness.

Ultimately, Kanchan reflects on what they love the most beyond the weed: the toys and photography.

Lloyd has options

One great advantage Rapoleon Dynamite has is his place of residence. The diorama creator currently resides in San Bernardino, CA, where cannabis laws are lenient if an adult utilizes cannabis in their home. In addition, California made medical marijuana legal in 1996, making it the first state to legalize it.

If the California resident lived in another state, like Nebraska, where cannabis is fully illegal, his Instagram page probably wouldn’t operate so openly.

If I had the way to get [weed] still, I would still [operate my account] but I probably won’t be able to get sponsors and as much exposure.

Lloyd Kanchan keeps his roll-up preferences quite diverse. He says he often turns to hemp wraps or Royal Blunts as his first option.


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Kanchan likes these two because they don’t offer tobacco’s harshness. Other contenders are RAW papers and elements rolling papers.

Dear creative stoner

If you’re a creative stoner and would like to follow in Rapoleon Dynamite’s footsteps, he has some words of encouragement:

Don’t care about what people say. That’s a big, big, thing these days…If you have a passion for it, if you love it, don’t stop. I started this two and a half years ago and I would’ve never thought I would be at this point.

The diorama creator shared that past experiences have helped him develop a thicker skin. He understands not everyone has tough skin, but he reminds them to keep a healthy circle of people around them for encouragement.

Rapoleon Dynamite says he used to spend time around a “bad crowd,” which stalled him. Until he changed his circle and environment.

I noticed that positivity goes a long, long, way.

The content creator says he would love to work with weed-smoking celebrities in the future, such as Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg, Silent Bob, and Cheech and Chong.