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Creating space: What do creatives need to do their best work?

We’ve all heard about creativity sparking in specific environments or circumstances. And if you’ve been a creative for some time you know what you need to stay inspired.

Depending on your pet peeves where you are, who you’re surrounded by, and the energy you keep can determine what you need to do your best work. Still, unsure of what it is that might make a creative tick we had to investigate.

So, we asked our community what was necessary for them in their workspaces to make their best art.


You know perfection takes time. And creatives know that this is essential to any project. Rushing a creative is a known no-no. It’s not just to physically possible to complete a project under ridiculous time constraints.

We need time to think, dream, visualize and plan for the future.


This is quite literal and figurative. Creatives can get a lot done in constrained circumstances, but if there’s an opportunity for space then why inhibit that?

It’s obvious that if you’re literally in a crammed environment that you might not be able to create on the level that you want to. This is the same idea for having others on their back while they’re working.

You can’t make new ideas if you don’t allow them space to take up.


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A lot of the needs above tend to allow and promote inspiration.

But without being inspired, creatives will not be able to make anything worthwhile. If the vibe at the workplace is good, inspiration is more likely to thrive.

Even good compensation can inspire. Creatives can find inspiration in so many places, so make your workplace that much more inspiring.


Innovation comes from need.

It’s true. But to innovate and create you still need a starting point. Resources can really make or break your process and your product. Tools can also be a metaphor for a creative’s skills.

A good laptop is a tool and interpersonal networking is a tool and knowing how to photoshop is a tool. Sometimes other substances are a tool. With some of these a creative can manifest themselves, the rest may need to come from somewhere else.

A Good Squad

Most projects are not a one-person-show.

Collaboration can help art achieve higher potential. But the team has to be good. Whether that means everyone has great complementary skills, or they all have great chemistry. Everything can depend on the strength of a good team.

Plus it’s just way more fun to succeed together.