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Cop finds out he’s 18% black through, sues chief for racism

In the latest installment of What Is Good In America Right Now? a Michigan police officer claims he was subjected to racial abuse upon learning he had African heritage after taking a genetic test on

Sgt. Cleon Brown was subjected to a constant stream of abuse by his fellow officers and even the mayor of of Hastings, Michigan.

According to, Brown was subject to verbal taunts and jokes about his race,

“Sgt. Cleon Brown said the police chief called him, ‘Kunte,’ a character in Alex Haley’s novel, ‘Roots: The Saga of an American Family,’ while officers whispered, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and pumped fists as they walked past.”

The taunting continued and reached new levels when Brown’s fellow officers decorated the office Christmas tree with racist kitsch.


Again, from MLive,

“At Christmas, the department hung stockings with names of the officers on a Christmas tree. A black Santa Claus figurine – with ‘18%’ written on its white beard – was put in Brown’s stocking.”

My dude Cleon is firing back and suing “the city of Hastings, police Chief Jeff Pratt, City Manager Jeff Mansfield, Deputy Chief Dale Boulter and Sgt. Kris Miller.”

Cleon Brown is not fuckin’ around anymore. It’s pretty clear he got this ancestry test and shared the information with his co-workers who thought they could joke around about his race, but took it way too far.

As for the city of Hastings, they are really trying it, saying it’s all Cleon’s fault for starting “the joking and banter”. The city’s statement read.

“Sgt. Brown, in a very joking and jovial manner, informed several of his fellow officers that he had recently taken a DNA test through and the results showed that he was 18% African American.”

The co-defendants in the case all reportedly unfriended Brown on Facebook and refused to let him play in the charity basketball game after Brown filed a discrimination complaint.

This is some petty bullshit from the whole Hastings Police Department. Poor Cleon got ostracized real quick once he realized he was 18% black, seems pretty representative of law enforcement’s opinion of race in this country.

Shouts out Cleon though, we hope he gets all the money from Hastings and his trash ass co-workers.

It’s safe to say twitter had some fun with this one… maybe Cleon should’ve seen this one coming?