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Conor McGregor is bringing out the petty in Floyd Mayweather again

Yesterday in LA, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally met face-to-face in the first of four press conferences leading up to their fight on August 26th.

It was pretty much what everybody expected. Conor was violating Floyd off the jump, prancing around in his custom suit and firing off mad Irish expletives.

Mayweather on the other hand was looking completely sick at first but by the end of the press conference, one thing was for certain: the old Floyd is back.

Not the old Floyd from 20, 10, five or even two years ago in the ring. The man is 40 and his best boxing days are well behind him. I’m talking about that gully kid from Grand Rapids who used to disrespect his opponents similar to the way Conor does today.

Lately, Mayweather has been a little more subdued and low key. He’s been in the game long enough to not let things get to him. But then he met Conor McGregor.

If you don’t remember, Floyd used to always take shit to the next level.

Remember when he pulled up to the De La Hoya fight in a sombrero?

Or when he tweeted this meme about Manny Pacquiao?

But what about when he violated an entourage member for fucking up his coffee?

Things got real when Floyd disrespected his own father on camera.

What about when Larry Merchant told him he’d kick his ass if he were 50 years younger?

As you can see this is a guy who can go toe-to-toe with Conor McGregor.

When it comes to petty, shit talking, and just overall being disrespectful, I might even give Floyd the edge here.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that things are only going to get uglier as they hit three more cities, including Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, before their big fight.

It seems that Floyd Mayweather has finally met his match when it comes to shit talking.

Check out the full press conference here: