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Come through to Slim Cinema’s ‘Vertical Film Festival’ in Brooklyn

The vertical screens on our smartphones are the first thing we stare at in the morning and the last thing we stare at before we knock. Think about it.

When you close your eyes to sleep at night, I bet the last thing you picture is a blurry outline of your phone screen left from the brightness you were trying to turn down.

At this point, almost everything our minds absorb is soaked up vertically. The way that we watch the news, funny videos, makeup tutorials, or anything else that can capture our eight-second attention spans is watched on a vertical mobile screen.

TBH, the vertical video trend is here to stay and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The primary screens in our lives are our mobile phones.

Keep up with the trends. There is a creative movement bubbling that is focused on bringing unique vertical content straight to your mobile device. To prove it, let us put you on to a low key Brooklyn event that’s happening this Saturday, December 2, at 8 pm.

Slim Cinema is throwing a Vertical Film Festival:

Slim Cinema VFF goers will have the opportunity to enjoy the vibes of 10 carefully selected vertical films. To Slim Cinema all of the films selected are important to the culture.

They hope that having a vertical film screening will capture each viewer like never before, submerging the audience into a unique storyline and captivating them until the very end of the movie.

The founders crafted this vertical demension for the neo-cinephile. Their original idea was to create the first full-length vertical film. However, they noticed a gap because people weren’t really thinking about that dimension at all.

The idea then ballooned into creating a platform for filmmakers to explore the depths of the vertical film while exposing audiences to this new format of storytelling.

Peep last year’s event:

Alongside the vertical flicks, experimental music platform, NVR SLEEP will be curating the sounds of the night and dope sponsors will be providing drinks and bites to eat.

All of the sponsors involved believe in the vertical vision and plays a role in the overall experience. Plus, Slim Cinema knows you can get down with Heineken, Monster Energy, Insomnia Cookies, Brain Juice, and Williamsburg Pizza.

It will all be going down at The Muse. Don’t miss out on an event you’re going to wish you attended while your watching updated vertical videos on your Instagrams or Snapchats.

Cop a ticket, enjoy an open bar, some good tunes, and some good people. Click Here.

Don’t be shook of vertical!