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College kid finds out his long lost brother goes to same school as him

When they say it’s a small world they aren’t lying, especially in the case of 20-year-old Georgia college student, Kieron Graham.

After receiving an Ancestry DNA kit as an early gift for Christmas, Kieron got way more out of it than expected. Kieron always knew he was adopted but never knew any of his biological family members so he decided to try it out. He soon found out he had a long lost brother and posted their conversation on Twitter for everyone to see.


Through their conversation on Facebook, Kieron learned that he lived in close proximity to his long lost brother Vincent Ghant.

He decided to reach out on Facebook and it turns it out it actually was his brother and they have been going to the same school at Kennesaw State University for over three years without knowing.

Kieron and his older brother, family and niece he never knew, were able to meet in person. Kieron was able to capture the memorable moment and post it on Twitter to show his lucky discovery. 

Kieron’s luck only increased from there and he was able to find and meet up with a younger brother, Christian, that he previously knew nothing about.

He was able to coordinate a meeting between the brothers who were all more than ecstatic to see each other.

But Kieron’s story only continues to get even more interesting.

His birth dad reach out to him and wanted to meet him and introduce him to another brother he knew nothing about that he had on that side of the family. 

They were finally all able to meet. It was emotional to say the least but it was something that was long overdue for the brothers who had each been thinking of each other in fleeting moments of their busy lives. 

Kieron Graham also has plans to meet his birth mother later this week. A truly heartwarming story for this Holiday Season.