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Clockwork Crosby enhances the way we value our time

Knowledge of self is quite the conundrum. Throughout life, we experience highs and lows, turmoils, and triumphs.

Above all else, what remains is our inner strength, our core – the enterprise that makes us whole. That is exactly the type of predicament that Clockwork Crosby has found himself in.

Now, that he has firmly gathered pieces of self, he continues to elevate and stretch his being into the circles by which he belongs. He does so by creating surrealist pieces of art in the form of elaborate clocks

Knowledge of self requires deliberation, patience, and most importantly, experimentation. Through the art he creates, Clockwork Crosby has these traits in abundance.

Clockwork Cros

Before his untimely demise, Nipsey Hussle reached out to have a clock sculpted for his household. Nipsey’s bold confidence and awareness of self-value led him to price his mixtape at $100. Clockwork Cros admired that trait and was inspired to raise his prices as well.

clockwork crosby
Clockwork Cros keeps it clean and blesses your home with his masterpieces (via Clockwork Crosby)

Now, don’t get it twisted. Crosby had to put in the hours, apply the elbow grease, and work without pay for years on end. So, when he felt the time was right and his product was truly worthwhile, then and only then did he decide to raise his rates.

Only time will tell

This culture recognizes those who stay down and stick to their strengths. This means doing what you know you are innately born to do – whether there is monetary backing or not. That way, you respect the process and truly learn to struggle through the intricacies of what makes you whole. 

clock art
Ayo what time is it, Ghostface? One! (via Clockwork Cros)

Many artists are so focused on the end goal, that they lose sight of the moment. You have to truly love every facet of the process and embrace it.

That way, you can move strategically and continue to boss your life up. Clockwork Cros is no different as his noteworthy and knowledgeable movement continues to produce some of the hottest timepieces to date.

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