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Chris Christie gets savagely booed for catching foul ball at Mets game

Chris Christie has had a bad summer and the Ls just keep on coming.

Some Christie summer highlights include his ‘Bridgegate’ allies getting convicted for their roles in the petty scandal, Big Chris posting up on a public beach that he closed to the public on July 4th weekend, and getting called a “fat ass” by a caller on WFAN while sitting in for Diet Coke enthusiast Mike Francesa.

This all comes after a Quinnipiac University poll measured the New Jersey governor’s approval rating at a record-low 15% in June.

His response to his record-low numbers?

“That fact is, who cares?” Christie said. “You guys care much more about that stuff than I do. I’ve said to you over and over and over again: Poll numbers matter when you’re running for something. When you’re not running for something, they don’t matter a bit. And I don’t care.”

Fair enough.

Christie’s summer of fun kept on rollin’ on Tuesday while at Citi Field taking in a ball game between the Mets and the Cardinals.

St. Louis shortstop Paul DeJong popped a little foul ball off to the right behind home plate. A rather rotund Mets fan made a pretty nice snag, playing the carom off the screen, but Mets fans, instead of politely clapping as is standard when a fan makes a nice catch treated this fan to a round of boos.

It was Christie.

Although Trump’s favorite fat guy received a round of high fives in his section, those outside the box seats were far from impressed with the New Jersey governor’s play.

Mets fans booing Christie makes sense. He’s a completely despicable character and the Citi Field faithful were suffering through another hapless performance from a team that has significantly underachieved this season.

Injuries, tabloid headlines, and now Chris Christie catching fly balls. Say a prayer for the Mets fans in your life, they don’t deserve this.