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Chris Christie gets deaded by WFAN radio job, tries to play it off

Folks, I love me some Christie Content.

Our favorite spherical governor has had a summer for the ages. First, he closed off New Jersey public beaches during July 4th weekend, only to end up lounging on the beaches himself. Then he got savagely booed at a Mets game after he made a (kind of nice, can’t lie) play on a foul ball.

Then at another baseball game he got into it with a heckler while holding a massive bowl o’ nachos.

Christie has even filled in on WFAN to try his hand at sports talk radio. The New Jersey governor, whose term ends in January, seems to have the perfect constitution for sports talk radio.

While filling in for “Boomer & Carton” earlier this summer, Christie got into it with a caller who told him, “Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat ass in a car and go to one that’s open to all your constituents.”

Christie responded back that he “loved getting calls from communists in Montclair.”


Anyways, Christie has now pulled himself out of the running for Mike Francesa’s soon to be vacant spot on radio.

This comes after a Daily News report that Christie had been dropped from contention to replace Francesa.

Obviously Christie has called that report “completely incorrect” but then went ahead and said that he should no longer be considered for the job.

Christie said in a statement:

“After considering the other options that I have been presented with for post-gubernatorial employment, I declined their request to do additional shows. I made station executives aware that while I would be happy to continue to fill in for Boomer when asked and when available, that they should no longer consider me as a candidate interested in any job at WFAN when I leave the governorship. I made that clear to them prior to leaving for my family vacation two weeks ago.”

Ah, the old “you can’t not hire me because I’m not even interested in the job anyways” routine. Masterfully done, Chris.

We’re fascinated to see where Christie takes his prolific talents after he leaves the governorship.

Honestly, being a WFAN host seemed like a pretty solid place for Christie to peddle his hot takes, drink Diet Coke, and get into arguments with the best that the tri-state has to offer.

I think it’s time to start placing bets on Christie becoming the “Law and Order” correspondent on Fox News in January. It’s a virtual lock.