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Chris Bosh’s Texas home is revealed to be a drug fortress, mother arrested

Chris Bosh has a drug layer cops say after raiding a Texas home owned by Bosh on Friday morning.

Using a search warrant approved for a drug trafficking investigation, cops came across iron gates, security cameras, and drug paraphernalia on the property.

TMZ reported that police sent an undercover officer to the home Tuesday to obtain trash bags that had been left out in front of the home. It’s likely that the drug casing they found in those bags led to approval for the search warrant.

But it’s Chris Bosh’s mom, Fredia Bosh and not Bosh himself, who is the focus of an alleged crack cocaine and heroin trafficking operation based out of a home owned by the former All-Star.

Of the items found in the trash bag was mail with Freida’s name on it.

Cops also are saying that another suspect in the case has paperwork on them that includes an incident for allegedly shooting someone in the face during a drug deal.

TMZ Sports reports that Chris is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

Although Bosh isn’t officially retired, the NBA and the players’ union ruled that Bosh’s illness was career ending, which is why the two-time NBA champion has been away from the game.

Given the nature of the case, one can only assume more facts are due to come.

Update: Fredia Bosh spoke to TMZ and denied all claims that she was trafficking drugs, all while looking like the wild Queenpin. Get ya money Fredia!