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#ChinaKlay: Klay Thompson has been taking nonstop Ls on vacation

Shortly after capturing his second title, Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson took off for China to promote his Anta sneakers.

Clearly the kicks are trash, but Thompson is after the bread. He recently inked a 10 year, $80 million dollar deal with the China-based sneaker company.

It seems like Thompson has been in China for months.

Unfortunately for him, Klay’s been creating a lot of low-lights and getting roasted on social media during his trip half-way around the world.

Here are some of #ChinaKlay’s funniest moments:

Klay missing multiple 360-dunk tries

Klay air balling a three pointer

Klay bugging out a the club

Yeah, cursing in China is pretty much a felony

Klay losing an arm wrestling contest

They really got him out here looking wild

How many vacation Ls can one man take?

Klay is beloved in China as the face of Anta Sports. Thompson doesn’t have an especially strong brand in the United States, mostly because he’s been in fellow Splash Brother Steph Curry’s shadow since he arrived in the league.

But it isn’t all bad for Klay. He plays on the league’s best team that has been to three straight NBA Finals and has performed well on the biggest stage.

For those who follow Thompson closely, he has always been a sarcastic character who doesn’t appear to take anything too seriously. Last year on Bill Simmons’ podcast former teammate Andrew Bogut said that everyone on the team calls Thompson “Smokey”.


Bogut quickly tried to walk back from the comment, claiming it was an Australian term of endearment. But Thompson does looked smacked quite often.

Maybe this tour is just what the sharpshooter from The Bay needed. Some time away from his high profile teammates and some room for Klay to soak up the limelight.

The two-time champ appears to be enjoying his trip though. Klaytheists stand up.