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Chef Harold Villarosa drops his new show ‘Dish It Out’ on Bon Appétit

We’ve been following Chef Harold Villarosa’s entrepreneurial journey for years now and he has never ceased to inspire us.

When we first sat down with him in 2017, we learned about his insane culinary journey, which started at a McDonald’s and eventually led him around the world earning spots at some of the top-rated restaurants.

We also learned about his non-profit Insurgo, where he goes into low-income neighborhoods to teach the youth about food and health, giving them a crash course on creating a dinner service themselves.

Through all of the conversations we had with him, one thing has always stood out. It’s his drive and vision that make him one of the most real people we’ve ever interviewed.

Harold not only has the talent and work ethic but the charisma too. This has led him to become a voice in food media, especially for Filipino-Americans. Now he’s landed his own show on Bon Appétit, an entertainment platform for recipes, restaurants, food, and culture.

Episode 1 of ‘Dish It Out’ with Chef Harold

The 20-episode series, ‘Dish It Out‘ gives us an inside look at Harold’s take on amazing dishes and the communities and connections he has built over the years.

For Chef Harold it’s all about remembering where you come from and the people who helped get you there. Immigrating from the Phillippines to the South Bronx at 9-years-old helped shape his perspective early on and you can see this in everything he does.

‘Dish It Out’ promises to be a series that profiles the people as much as it does the food. With Chef Harold taking us into his world, we’ll get a firsthand look at a day in the life of an urban food entrepreneur.

Check out episode 1 of ‘Dish It Out’ premieres on Bon Appétit. Check back on their page for new Chef Harold content and peep the first episode above!