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Chance the Rapper on Sesame Street reminds us there’s good in hip-hop

I think we should get use to seeing Chance the Rapper…everywhere.

A couple of days ago, Chance made a stir when footage of him attempting to play weatherman for the day surfaced on the web.

He appeared on local Chicago news station WGN as a weatherman to discuss the importance of investing in Chicago public schools and to promote the WGN Toy Drive but it also kind of makes you think: is there anything that Chance can’t do?

Well, last night Tuesday (Dec. 12) Chance shared two videos from his Twitter from the set of Sesame Street, adding new meaning to that very question at hand.

The first clip shows Chance aside Oscar. Fittingly frustrated he says, “Honestly, I’m just tired of people saying my music is trash.” Being that Oscar lives in a trash can I’m sure he was the right shoulder to come to for help.

The second clip shows Chance around other Sesame Street legends like Elmo and the Cookie Monster. Together they give a shout to Chance’s daughter Kensli: “Just got done at work, see ya soon baby.”

This is not the first time Chance has done something major for his daughter. Around Halloween this year he appeared in a Kit-Kat commercial featuring Kensli as a mini lion and he dedicated his DJ Khaled collaboration on Grateful to her as well, making a kids’ anthem on a major hip-hop album.

As a fan of Sesame Street, it’s dope seeing a frontrunner in hip-hop showing that you’re not too tough to show some love. In an age where the depressing headlines are legion, it’s dope to see rap promote positivity for kids.