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Chance The Rapper is back and he’s giving away a year of free groceries

Promoting an album in 2019 looks absolutely nothing like it did 10 years ago. Back in the day, you had to stop at every major radio station, hit a couple of morning shows and spit a freestyle.

Now that everyone lives online, all you have to do is attract attention.

Which is exactly why Chance The Rapper is giving a year’s worth of free groceries for 10 fans that make a video dancing to his newest single, “GrOceries” with TisaKorean.

“I would like to pay for your #GRoCERIES for the next year,” he says in a tweet last Friday. “Yup. I’m picking the 10 best dance videos posted with #Groceries and paying for their groceries THROUGH NEXT SUMMER! extra points if you do it with friends/parents. EXTRA EXTRA points if you do it at work/school,” he continued.

The fun single is the first offering of what will be the Chicago native’s debut studio album slated to drop in July. It will be his first project since Coloring Book, which won three Grammys in 2016.

The app you see Chance dancing on is called Triller, which, among being fun, is perfect for the marketing of his single and the challenge.

The 15-second video platform, best known for dance and lip sync clips, has been used by Rae Sremmurd, Lil Uzi Vert, Rico Nasty, Queen Key, and many more to promote their own songs and spotlight emerging artists due to the platform’s popularity.

The app is flooded with tastemakers, trendsetters, and influencers dancing to artists’ songs, sometimes for fun, sometimes by the commission.

12-year-old Triller enthusiast, Seth Vangeldren, claims being offered six-figure deals from labels just so they can have direct access to his audience on the app. Having gone viral, the music he picks to dance to is coveted by up and coming artists who hope to get their music in front of a large audience.

As you can imagine, submissions have been flooding in from school children, moms, families, athletes, and all alike. So far Chance has picked two of the 10 videos, which you can see here and here, meaning there are 8 more shots for you to get your videos in.

Stipulations or further details on just how he plans on distributing the groceries for a year have not been disclosed but if there’s anyone to count on it would be Chance.

Supplying groceries is just the latest of many real-life heroics he does on a day in and day out basis for Chicago and hip-hop. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy by Chance’s team and a win-win for everyone.