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CBD esports brand SummaForte on how to maintain a proactive lifestyle

Within esports, specific brands tap into the solutions for issues and/or ailments that surround gamers in the industry. SummaForte is an esports company that provides CBD wellness tape with CO2 extraction technology to calm the everyday gamer

Throughout our youth, a lot of what they told us did not turn out to be true. For example, many people would tell us that video games are a waste of time.

However, there is an entire community of streamers who utilize their online gaming presence on platforms such as Twitch to establish financial freedom. And the merging of esports and CBD wellness changes the game even more.

cbd esports
Valorant esport gamer, Brax. Photographed in New Orleans for SummaForte. (via SummaForte)

SummaForte set out to fill a specific niche from its inception

Summaforte’s niche-specific product possesses top performer bioavailability and a special component called Dehydratech. Together with Lexaria Biosciences, these companies come together to implement kinesiology that reduces inflammation and irritation. 

The key component of our conversation with SummaForte Co-Founder and G2 (Go-To-Market Lead) Murtagh Thinnes and its brand representative, Brax, came down to proactive behavior. One should always care for their body whether or not it is ailing.

The conversation also consisted of daily healthcare routines and how the SummaForte CBD mixture with gaming tape benefits esports athletes.

summaforte cbd esports
Braxton in action (via SummaForte)

A conversation with SummaForte

Kulture Hub: How would you say that your product connects you with a wide spectrum of people? And how did you get started being a part of this virtual community?”

Murtagh Thinnes: We are really focused right now on building an active community on our socials, the various touchpoints we have across the channels that were active on. There’s been a lot of interest in these products from different groups, esports teams, and a large orthopedic practice in the Mid-Atlantic that recently set up an esports Center of Excellence.

KH: Braxton had mentioned he played 15 hours a day when he was growing up, how much would you recommend is standard per day to maintain health?

Brax: Yeah obviously 15 hours is not healthy at all. And I do not recommend it. But when you’re just in school, and that’s all you got to worry about – you know, you can find time to do that. But I would say anywhere from five to six hours a day, if you’re trying to be professional and really take it serious. I think that’s a good number to start with.

“I started playing when I was seven I went pro at fourteen. So yeah, I’ve been around for a while. I think my relationship with SummaForte just made sense because they always promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Braxton “Brax” Pierce 

summaforte cbd wellness
Opportunities exist on the horizon for both SummaForte and Brax

MT: You look at traditional athletics and traditional athletes have a number of resources that they can go to to take care of their bodies and keep their minds in peak condition. Gamers not so much. So that’s really where SummaForte fits in. And we’re excited to be a part of that narrative.

The world of esports and how athletes can benefit from CBD

KH: You mentioned that esports is a physical crucible. Can you take us through what that entails in terms of how physically taxing it is to be an online athlete?

Brax: The biggest thing with gamers is wrist pain, finger injuries, and arthritis. If you have to deal with something like that it can be career-changing.”

KH: Why is it better to be proactive rather than reactive?

Brax: To just stay ahead of the curve and really focus on your health. That’s the cool thing about the SummaTape – even if you don’t have a finger injury or inflammation – it can also prevent it.

MT: We’re really excited by the opportunity to bring a really high-quality nootropic and lutein ingredient to gaming.

The nature of gaming and CBD wellness’ role in it

KH: What are some ways you began to build rapport with your client base?

MT: We went out and talked to gamers, and confirmed that their main pains are in musculoskeletal and vision/cognitive strain. So our two products SummaTape and SummaMix were built to address those concerns.

KH: Are there any other sectors besides gaming that your product has seen demand?”

MT: We feel that with our products being catered to healthy lifestyles and performance that we can find some strong traction in areas like orthopedic practices where gamers are getting serious musculoskeletal injuries. Also traditional athletics is an obvious one – we’ve had an Olympic runner try our products and gotten [sic] some really good feedback there. Blue-collar workers, octogenarians, you know, all over the spectrum.

Summaforte: a revolutionary CBD esports brand

Without a doubt, SummaForte has created a product that empowers its representatives. It makes them healthy, strong and also gives them the ability to overpower their opponents.

Longevity is key in the esports industry because gamers are held to a very small margin of error while not receiving equal amount of breaks and intermissions.

By increasing body function, SummaForte contributes to improved cognitive performance and stabilization. CBD wellness saves some people’s lives and livelihoods, and SummaForte understood that esports athletes can benefit from it as well.