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Mr. Ratburn is gay and ‘Arthur’ season 22 makes it canon

Remember Arthur? Well, guess what — Mr. Ratburn is gay.

Before the show was meme-worthy in our new internet age, it was an integral part of an entire generation’s childhood. The PBS show defined an era and continues to make strides in education by featuring a same-sex wedding in its latest season.

Arthur gave us endless nostalgic memes and educational episodes that taught us things from how to stay healthy to the limitations of gender roles.

Also, who could forget about respectful episodes that taught us about other cultures? Overall, Arthur taught us how to be a good person and an even better friend. Let’s not forget, Arthur gave us straight BANGERS like “Library Card” and “Jekyll Hyde.”

It’s amusing that most of us have forgotten about Arthur besides our frequent usage of memes. Arthur doesn’t just live in the nostalgia of our childhoods. The show is on its 22nd season. It continues to change the lives of countless kids after us.

The season 22 premiere depicts Mr. Ratburn marrying his partner in a wonderful ceremony. The episode does not trivialize the marriage, nor does it attempt to appear preachy. The marriage just is.

The episode begins while the children attempt to stop the wedding because they think “Patty” (voiced by Jane Lynch) is the bride. The children find Patty unkind and controlling as she controls all aspects of the wedding.

As it turns out Patty is Mr. Ratburn’s sister and Mr. Ratburn is gay and actually marrying Patrick, the chocolate shop owner. Finally, he’s found someone that appreciates his love of cake.

When the children find out they’re relieved that the bride is not Patty. The only thing they object to is Nigel Ratburn’s wack dance moves. The episode continues with a lovely wedding where everyone is happy and there’s no need to explain the love that’s so readily apparent.

Throughout the years, there has been an ongoing claim that Mr. Ratburn is gay. But we never thought we would actually see the day that Ratburn came out. Nevertheless, the community is ecstatic that it’s finally canon.

Mr. Ratburn is gay and will forever be an icon, not just because he’s finally out but because he’s the cooky teacher we’ve always loved. And if you don’t like it, I have a question.

Why don’t you go back to your own house and stop bothering us?