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Can board games stake a place in modern society?

In our modern society, can you remember the last board game you played with your family?

Netflix recently released a series called The Queen’s Gambit, named after an opening chess move. It told the story of an orphan girl who becomes a chess genius. In the days and weeks after the series aired, sales for chess boards rocketed.

The New York Times reported that eBay alone experienced a 215% increase in chessboard sales. Instances of new TV shows creating a desire to play board games just goes to show this activity is far from dead. And it shows this pastime still has a place in a modern society with people addicted to smartphones and tablets.

Of course, some board games are adapting to stay relevant. So, how are they changing for a modern audience?

Ways board games are adapting for modern society

1. Changing Formats

There has been a drive to convert our favourite board games into new formats and make them into online activities. The convenience of smartphones and fast internet connections allows us to play with other people alone.

Now we can enjoy Cluedo with family from opposite ends of the country or even from other countries. This is helping older titles stay relevant in our anti-social present.

Yet, switching from offline to online is not the only change in format to expect. Some titles have been redesigned for new audiences with a different way of playing. One example can be found in the versions of Monopoly.

Some online gaming developers have created a new version for online gambling, the Monopoly Live Casino Game. This new format includes the same icons we know from Monopoly, but it has a gameshow host taking the banker’s place and a completely new design, including a wheel.

2. Changing Themes

Sometimes gaming creators won’t change the format, but they will change the theme of the game. The best example of this can be again found in Monopoly.

Hasbro has been designing new Monopoly versions to provide a modern twist on the age-old classic. For instance, they have targeted football fans with Monopoly versions based on the football club and its stadium. There’s even a title dedicated to sore losers and cheaters.

By adapting holiday board games and making them relevant to modern audiences, Hasbro and others can continue to stay relevant themselves.

Will 2021 be the year society makes a change?

2021 might be a fantastic year for this type of activity. As families can safely reunite after extended social distancing, it might just be time to put away the smartphone and enjoy some quality time with a board game.

Where we might once have scoffed at the idea of a family board game, it may be that now ‘game nights’ are about to come back with a vengeance this year.