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Cam’ron lives in LA and is loving his white neighbors on Instagram live

Fashion icon, business mogul, and hip-hop legend who gave us all our best lingo, Mr. Killa Cam is no doubt one of the most entertaining figures we have in hip-hop.

Since falling back from rap a bit, Cam has earned his spot as the Instagram king with such memorable posts like being on live for almost two hours breaking down the history of Dipset or when he went off on someone from his hood for lying to their daughter claiming Cam to be her father.

He also gave us the most amazing quote in human history saying, “Tell her mother I’m a earring wearing, gold chain wearing, jet flying, Bentley driving fly motherfucker”.

Killa is back with Instagram gold as he documents his interactions with his many white neighbors at his LA home.

One of the videos shows a flock of friendly white people congregating in front of Cam’s porch to talk about a bunch of nothing, Cam being true to his Harlem self said to the camera what we’d all be thinking “what the hell is going on.”

I gotta give Cam credit though, we all know that uncomfortable feeling of being in a room full of white people.

It’s a real challenge a lot of us have to overcome because whether we like it or not, there’s mad white people out here and Cam actively trying to embrace his fellow neighbors is low-key setting a great example for us all.

These adventures of Killa and the caucasians could legit be a miniseries. From running errands with his 70-year-old homegirl or just letting her tell a bunch of random stories for his followers, this is the most entertaining contrast you can ever watch.

Seeing the Harlem bully talk to a 70-year-old white woman about her social security checks and lack of a man is really a sight to behold, watch the antics and make sure to follow Cam’ron on Instagram so you never miss a moment of it.