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Camel Assembly is giving back to the block and throwing a banger for charity

Female empowerment squad Camel Assembly is letting people know what it truly means to to be a feminist. The group’s main goal is to shift consciousness by involving all genders.

The New York City-based collective of goddesses are going against the grain. They want to plant a mental seed in women all around the globe.

The seed will flourish and grow the idea that women can achieve their dreams, no matter what obstacle stands in front of them.

But for Camel Assembly, the future is not just female, it’s everyone’s. In order to make that happen, Camel Assembly want people to construct a new narrative.

That narrative calls for females to “lay a path for a unified future.”

So how does one draw a line between the divide? You have to stop keeping score. Peep how co-founder, Keshia Hannam, is looking to revolutionize gender equality,

“The modern revolutionary cares less about leaving the city in flames and more for being responsible for the construction of new one, and in our context, men and women must be laying those bricks together if we’re to weather any kind of storm in the years to come. But we will know the #thefutureisours when we’re no longer keeping score.”

Last year, Camel assembly came together and gave back to disadvantaged women who don’t have access to feminine hygiene products. The group banded together and made backpacks filled with hygienic goodies attached with love letters.

Peep the goddesses go to work, flexing for women in need.

Now Camel Assembly is looking to flex again. They’re throwing a block party of the baddies Saturday, September 23, 2017 called BK Assembly: Give Back To The Block Party.

The event is focused on donating to four local charities Brooklyn Community Housing, Brooklyn Rescue Mission, NYPCC, and Safe Horizons.

Half of each $10 ticket will be donated to a concern of each patron’s choice – Affordable Housing, Mental Health Awareness, Food Security, and Sexual and Domestic Abuse Awareness.

Now that’s a party with a good cause. The event will also host 15 different artists who will perform live on stage. Don’t miss out on a great time.

BK Assembly: Give Back To The Block Party will go down at the The Paper Box in Brooklyn, NY from 4 PM to 8 PM.

If you are interested in going, cop your ticket here.