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Cam Kirk tells us the secrets of starting a photography studio

Starting a photography studio is not only a way to document history, but a way to build up other creatives around you. There are more than a million photographers out there contributing to the culture in their own unique way. However, none are like Cam Kirk.

Kirk is a creative that has thought of everything and everyone throughout his process. Building a studio for himself was not the only mission, but to also build it for all creatives who have something to offer the world.

Cam Kirk explains the highs and lows of starting a photography studio

I knew when I first started shooting lights, I wasn’t skilled or trained professionally by college or anything. [It] would have meant the world if I had someone there that can say “What look are you going for?

Cam Kirk, 2021

Thus, Cam Kirk Studios is built to help both up-and-coming and professional photographers to achieve their maximum creative output.

Every photographer that walks into the studio is provided with an assistant, plus there are no walls, allowing creatives to get inspired by the work of others.

I know a lot of photographers in their come-up don’t have a team because they can’t afford a team, so it’s like when they come and shoot here they get a team. They adopt my team and they get the same resources that I shoot with.

Cam Kirk, 2021

Let’s learn more about how Cam Kirk started his own photography studio.

Cam Kirk’s photography studio

For someone like Cam Kirk, photography is just part of the journey. His true passion lies more in marketing and business, and thus opening a studio business was always part of his journey.

However, starting a photography studio was just not enough for this creative entrepreneur.

I get offended when people say you made it. Because it’s like you are putting a finish line in my career, or even my goals. You thought only this of me, Nah! Don’t put a finish line on me. I have not made it! And that is just the way I always think. Had my first studio, now I need one in another city. Now I need one overseas. As soon as I get close, I push it back.

Cam Kirk, 2021

For Kirk, it is all about the entrepreneurial mentality, no matter what point on the race he is. Starting a photography studio was one step, but by no means was it the final one.

I never approach myself as a photographer, just as an individual. I approach myself as a business, so when you really start to think of yourself as a business, you realize you have five years and you are still a baby. The ten-year company probably is still figuring things out. And you start to realize this is a marathon.

Cam Kirk, 2021

Advice for young entrepreneurs

For me, there is always a bigger picture. And for me, it’s always been about progression. I judge my success and I know if I am on the right track by asking if I am moving forward. And every year I need to be moving forward. Even if last year I moved 10 steps forward and this one 1 step forward, I’m still moving forward.

Cam Kirk, 2021

When it comes to starting a photography studio, there is much to think about.

The location, space, the lighting, and much more. But with a hunger for success and passion to keep moving forward, it all comes down to how many hours of work you are willing to invest in building your dreams.

If you are creative and you are an entrepreneur, you are the entire company, so off the rip, I learned straight from that alone you can’t be taking yourself seriously if you don’t work at least 9 hours. You are not even doing what your parents do, or someone else in your life does just to be a part of it. So you always gotta work at least 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus more.

Cam Kirk