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Caleb Anderson is making cartoons out of our fave rappers and we love it

Nostalgia plus popular culture always equals a winning equation. As millennials and Gen Zers, we LOVE childhood nostalgia.

Cartoons from our younger days bring back fond memories. And we also love rap and hip hop. So why not combine the two?

Enter our love for Caleb Anderson an artist who decided to create nostalgic versions of cartoons of our fav rappers.

Anderson was already creating animated art of celebs for a while but he had a great idea to differentiate himself. He started the project in an attempt to “get famous” and has since gained 208.5k followers on TikTok.

His first TikTok showing his first creation “Troutvis Scott” depicts Travis Scott as one of the fish, of the “MY LEG” variety, from SpongeBob Squarepants.

@calebanderson392i shall call him “Troutvis Scott” ##art ##fyp ##travisscott ##spongebob ##xyzbca♬ SICKO MODE – Travis Scott

With SICKO MODE playing during the TikTok, the finished cartoon shows a huge gold statue of Plankton’s face in the background similar to the one of Travis’ gold ASTROWORLD raging face statue.


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The video emphasizes that this is the first of many cartoon rappers to come. That promise has since been expanded to include Post Malone, J.I.D and Lil Uzi Vert as well.

His Process

As shown in his second TikTok on the series, Anderson picks from a list of rappers and a list of cartoons at random using a google number generator.

This is why J.I.D’s cover is in the style of Ed, Edd n’ Eddy. And why Post Malone’s character looks like he’s from Fairly Odd Parents.

In his third video, Anderson dispels rumors that he’s “just coloring” over the original character’s animations.

He proceeds to shut the haters up by designing, drawing and coloring Lil Uzi Vert in the style of Gravity Falls. He ends the video by thanking his followers and supporters.


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Still, Caleb doesn’t just draw rappers. He’s already branched out a bit and done an All Grown Up! Rugrats version of David Dobrik, Jason Nash and Natalie Mariduena.


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He also answered some FAQs in a separate TikTok, sharing what he uses to create his art and his future plans to make phone wallpapers and that he intends to monetize his craft.

It’s a no brainer that Anderson’s fame will continue to grow as he draws and designs more rappers and celebrities and as they hopefully take notice.