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Bryson Tiller stays ‘True To Self,’ drops second album a month early

Bryson Tiller released his sophomore album True to Self, a month earlier than expected, last night while we were all knocked. The album wasn’t due until June 23, but I’m guessing Tiller was ready to set it off.

It’s like 4/20 coming early.

If you don’t know Bryson Tiller, aka Pen Griffey, and haven’t heard his first album, you need to now. His first album,T R A P S O U L, went platinum less than seven months after its release in October 2015.

T R A P S O U L is my Bible and True to Self  will be my Koran.

I’m hoping Tiller will be able to rack another platinum plaque with True to Self.

Plaques on plaques on plaques…

Pen Griffey’s lyrics get you thinking about everything, gonna have you questioning your 5th grade break up.

Tiller keeps it a buck when speaking on relationships. Check out this verse from “Something Tells Me” the hit single off of True to Self.

Rubbing shoulders with bitches I used to put on pedestals
But still I keep it professional
Hey, laying in the bed and you acting like I can’t even touch you
I don’t know why you do that
Shower with the door open, why you do that?
Drop the towel right in front of me, you cruel
What’s goin’ on, baby, talk to me, baby
Say it to me straight, did I make a mistake?
And I can’t concentrate while you’re standing there naked
Acting strange, yeah, yeah, yeah

Do you feel me? It’s unreal how he can wrap the listener into his relatable lyrics, centering them in a situation they’ve been in before.

Sometimes I find myself afraid to light one to Bryson’s music.

What’s more is that this dude was able to drop another album, 19 tracks, with no huge features, just major collaborations with A-list producers. True to Self features beats from T-Minus, Wondagurl, Allen Ritter, and Boi-1da. The success of Trapsoul definitely helped Tiller get these producers’ attention.

He was hype about teaming up with some of the best hip-hop and R&B producers who have worked with Kanye, Drake, Rihanna, and Kendrick as he said in a Rolling Stone interview.

“There was one point I rented this house in Miami and had all these producers fly out – Vinylz, Boi-1da, Allen Ritter. I just looked up and realized that I had the whole radio in my living room.”

True to Self is a little bit more up-tempo thanT R A P S O U L. Tracks like “Benz Truck,” “Self Made,” and “Before You Judge” will be knocking hard in the clubs this summer for sure.

Haven’t heard it yet? Stream it below and let us know what you think.