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Bring your own bud: It’s time to say goodbye to the weed cypher

Want to share a beer too?

With business and public places reopening, people are flocking to the streets to celebrate the fresh air of freedom. You can only keep an animal in a cage for so long, after all.

With this newfound freedom comes today’s topic: the weed cypher.

For a while now, even stoners (usually the laxest people about rules) have observed social distancing. Being that so much of smoking culture is the social experience, the weed cypher (smoke circle) has been dying out.

Personally, this makes me sad.

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Don’t lament too much yet, friends, the end of smoking is far from now. For now, though, a bring your own bud (BYOB) policy may be the wave for the near future. Even with restrictions slowly lifting, the virus is still out there.

What do we do now?

Oh yeah, the same thing we do at pretty much any house party: BYOB (except the second B is for bud). With this system in place, there will be no more room for the mooches that come along for a free ride. Won’t you miss those?

More importantly, with everyone bringing their own, no one has to be the last of the rotation. No one likes to be the last to hit the blunt, always damp by the end of the first rotation. This way, you are the alpha and the omega. The blunt begins and ends with you!

Wield this power wisely, friends.

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Most important of all, however, is that BYOB and a personal stash can, if only a little, prevent the spread of COVID. As much as we don’t like to admit it, sharing germs doesn’t happen much faster than sharing something your mouth has been on. Remember, the world at large didn’t use condoms. Then we got AIDS.

Stay safe and stay healthy, my stoners.