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Blacktag reveals the importance of paying Black creators in new short film

Black art is Black money. Or, at the very least it should be. In its new short film, “Black Art Is Black Money,” global platform Blacktag is making sure the world knows Black creators deserve to be paid.

In an age where Blackness is becoming more and more mainstream, the dollars behind it still continue to evade those who embody it the most. This is the story of America.

Blackness has always been commodified for the world to indulge in. And Blacktag has a statement raging against this trend with its first original film “Black Art is Black Money.”

What is Blacktag?

Blacktag is a global interactive platform that is modernizing the way that Black content is created and consumed.

Its goal is to serve Black audiences across the globe while also creating an ecosystem to connect brands with Black creators who understand how to reach Black audiences authentically. In turn, this supports Black creators.

And in short, the company is tipping the power scale right back to Black creatives.

Black Art Is Black Money

The video is directed by Blacktag cofounders, Akin Adebowale and Ousman Sahko Sow. It focuses on the variety of ways that Black artists have historically been robbed of their value for their work, creativity, and also even their ancestral history.

The short film stars the likes of dance sensation Jalaiah Harmon, Sage Elsesser, and also Parker Kit Hill.

It’s a round table conversation that covers everything Black people have created for the culture.

From rock and roll to online culture and even America’s short attention span to being “woke” supporting social justice causes, while Black people live the reality of those politics every single day.

Pay Black creators

The conversation is much more than pointing out what Black people have contributed to society. The group stakes the claim that Black artists must take control of their art.

And furthermore, realize that they hold all the power in creating the culture, entitling them to be recognized, rewarded, and praised.

But they shouldn’t wait for anyone to give them their flowers. Check the video out here for why it is essential that companies are paying Black creators. And stay tuned for all else Blacktag has in store.