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Bingeworthy Queer Shows: Here’s a streaming guide for Pride Month

Pride month is a time for us to be extra queer everything.

Whether you’re in the community or an ally, you should brush up on your queer history, queer art, queer films, and Queer TV shows.

Need some help getting into the groove of Pride month? Check out our binge-worthy picks for Queermania.

The Bisexual (Hulu)

This show flips the story of discovering your sexuality after breaking up with a hetero long term partner on its head. Your main character sees herself realize she may not be totally #gay4life after all.

Get ready for some much-needed biphobia discussions. The ‘B’ in LGBTQIA+ is not silent. On Hulu, there are also other series only for Queermania such as Will & Grace, The Bond Type that you might not want to miss. You can head over to this article to read more about their packages to prepare yourself for this most colorful month of the year.

The Bold Type (FreeForm TV)

The Bold Type explores a lot of adulting issues specific to women.

With the inclusion of important conversations about queerness, religion and immigration status, think of The Bold Type as the response to the all-white middle-class female friendship group.

Broad City (Hulu)

Abby and Ilana are best friends who are constantly exploring sexuality and adulthood. Ilana’s bisexuality is not kept to one quirky episode but spans across seasons as she does struggle, but merely exists.

So if you’re tired of the miserable struggling queer person story, check out Broad City for some laughs and overall absurd young adulting story.

Degrassi Next Class (Netflix)

Degrassi has come a long way from Drake in a wheelchair. The show continues to discuss teen and world issues with a knowledgeable tone.

Next Class includes a gay Muslim refugee and Latina lesbian, explores biphobia and gender non-conformity all within the comedy and drama of your fave high school tv show.

Special (Netflix)

Watch Ryan, a young gay man with cerebral palsy decides to use his recent car accident to hide his disability and find love.

This quirky comedy is exactly what you need when you’re tired of the same old white-cis-abled characters.

Sense 8 (Netflix)

One of Netflix’s earliest originals, Sense 8’s characters are what sparked a cult following for fans. Its’ queer characters are unique and international.

With a Trans queer woman, a black lesbian, a gay Latino couple and a celebration of all sexualities, enjoy a gone too soon 2 seasons and feature film.

Pose (Netflix)

Blanca, a trans woman of color rejected by her family decides to start her own house for fellow queer youth. Set in the 80s, the show presents the juxtaposition of glamour and grief in New York City ballroom subculture.

It’s a dance musical so get ready for some extended showbiz talent.

Queer as Folk (Amazon Prime)

Wanna see Littlefinger fuck everyone again? Aiden Gillen stars in this oldie but a goodie tv show.

The 2000s tv show was the first hour-long drama on American television to portray the lives of gay men and women.