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Belligerent old rock dad Liam Gallagher calls A$AP Rocky ‘WhatsApp Ricky’

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is not one to mince words, or really give a shit at all, so it’s not exactly a shock that he called A$AP Rocky “WhatsApp Ricky,” but it’s definitely hilarious.

Speaking to British GQ about what kind of music his kids listen to, Gallagher relayed that his kids “fucking love grime music” including artists like Skepta and Stormzy.

He got those dudes’ names right!

But then he went a little of the rails with, “WhatsApp Ricky. You know, the American geezer, stylish, funny gold teeth…”

When the interviewer corrected him, Gallagher made the rather astute point that WhatsApp Ricky is “a better fucking name anyway.”

Honestly, he might not be wrong. WhatsApp Ricky is an amazing name. Liam Gallagher just continues to be an influential force in modern music.

The interview has yet to be published online, but when it is, it’s probably worth a read because there are some other gems in there.

According to NME, Gallagher went off on Late Late Show host James Corden and his glorified talent show Carpool Karaoke.

Gallagher was asked if he would ever go on the show. His response?

“No, thank you very much. No fucking chance, mate. With that fat bloke from Kevin and Perry?”

Gallagher was corrected again as he was referring to British sitcom Gavin & Stacy, which Corden co-created and costarred in.

Liam went on to say, “James Corden is a knobhead.”


Liam Gallagher is the ultimate crazy, out of it rock dad. He doesn’t really understand what the hell his kids are listening to, he can’t remember names, and he’s definitely not fucking with Carpool Karaoke.

He may be kind of a grouchy old total asshole, but it’s hilarious!

Please keep interviewing this guy.