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Bed-Stuy to name ball court after Biggie, but of course there’s haters

Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Notorious B.I.G. is getting some more respect on his name. A blacktop court at the Crispus Attucks Playground will be named after the late BK legend.

City Councilman Robert Cornegy finally got the green light after making a promise to the rapper’s mother, Voletta Wallace. According to an article from DNAInfo, Cornegy promised to preserve B.I.G.’s legacy. Cornegy said, “I promised his mother, Ms. Voletta Wallace, I would preserve his legacy, so naming this park after him seems very fitting.”

Cornegy will be cutting the ribbon next month at Crispus Attucks Playground on Fulton St. and Classon Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. According to the Daily News, the councilman was honored,

“This honor is very personal to me. Twenty years later, this comes full circle, this renaming of the basketball courts is in his honor.”

Biggie is partly responsible for putting Bedford-Stuyvesant on the map with his music. B.I.G. never forgot his roots. The rapper always spit hard hitting lyrics reminiscing on the hood he was raised in. According to Cornegy,

“Christopher Wallace’s music put Bedford-Stuyvesant on the map in a billion dollar global industry.”

Before hitting the record stores, Biggie would shoot buckets at the park.

The renaming of the court didn’t come easy and Cornegy had to knuckle up in a contentious debate at a community board meeting. Former public member of the board’s Transportation Committee, Lucy Koteen was one of those haters.

Back in 2013, Koteen opposed the renaming of St. James Place and Fulton Street to “Christopher Wallace Way” because the rapper was “too fat.”

In the latest community board meeting, Koeten pulled up and handed out fliers with B.I.G. lyrics she felt were absurd. According to DNAInfo, she compared Biggie’s legacy to that of Al Capone and Bernie Madoff.

“When we name something, we’re saying this is somebody we should respect or want to emulate,” said Lucy Koteen.

Koteen continued,

“Would we name it Al Capone Basketball Court? Would we name it after Bernie Madoff?”

Koteen why are you legacy blocking? Da fuq did Biggie do to you? I know he had your kids listening to his music and you were tight, huh?

Either way, Koteen and other detractors were straight dubbed!

The renaming ceremony is set to take place within the first couple of days in August. They are looking to hold the event ahead of the annual basketball tournament held in honor of B.I.G. on August 5.

Truly, unbelievable!