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Ava DuVernay’s new initiative puts the pressure on police aggression

Director and social justice advocate Ava DuVernay is launching the LEAP initiative focused on holding law enforcement accountable for police brutality.

DuVernay and her media company, ARRAY Now, are behind social justice and education films such as 13th and SelmaLEAP Action (Law Enforcement Accountability project) is a fund dedicated to empowering activists.

With the murders of Black individuals such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in recent months, the ugly nature of police brutality in the U.S. has been brought into the public eye once again. None of the men or police officers involved in these brutal slayings have yet been convicted.

Despite public outcry and civil unrest, it still remains an anomaly when police officers are held accountable. 

DuVernay’s new initiative seeks to draw attention to the unlawful actions of police, as well as hold them responsible for their actions. LEAP importantly plans to disrupt the implicit code of silence among cops in police departments.

The project also aims to provide funding to artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and other creative individuals who seek to draw attention to police brutality and accountability.

Through its mission, LEAP hopes to create a dialogue revolving around the current law enforcement system. LEAP plans to tell the stories of those persecuted by police violence, and spark change to create a more transparent and visible justice process.

In this time of civil unrest, DuVernay’s project is an essential tool in bringing people together. It also provides a great way for creative individuals to use their work to unite others and advocate for an important cause. By coming together as a community and holding law enforcement accountable, this can pave the way for change in the system.

While most of the project besides its mission is still under wraps, DuVernay claims that we can expect something coming soon in August.

The Law Enforcement Accountability Project can be found on their official website, Twitter, and Instagram.