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Allie Eve Knox could unlock the billion dollar sex worker

Allie Eve Knox is the crypto cutie we’ve all been waiting for as she has found a way to monetize sex work on the blockchain.

Photo by Allie Eve Knox

Cryptocurrency has created a digital renaissance for all types of artists. Many creatives are making rent through cryptocurrency, while performers in sex work are left out of the conversation.

Despite sex workers depending on cryptocurrency, they’re not taken seriously in the space due to the negative stigma surrounding their work.

Welcome to the school of hard Knox 

allie eve knox
photo by Victor Von and Allie Eve Knox

Adult entertainment workers have been involved in the crypto market long before Bitcoin came into the mainstream. Allie Eve Knox, an adult entertainer, has also been involved with crypto since her Paypal was shut down in 2014.

Also known as “Crypto Cutie”, she consults others, creates NFT’s on Rarible, and runs her own business as an entertainer. 

Knox is more than meets the eye, coming into the game with two undergrad degrees and a graduate degree, respectively.

After being shut down by Coinbase, Knox saw the opportunity to work with Spankchain. Spankchain, a site where sex workers couldn’t be shut down, offered their own Crypto for adult entertainers. Knox was treated with the same respect as a Developer, at Spankchain pushing their project forward. 

“My relationship with Crypto is kind of different, it’s more I have to use rather than I like to use

Aliie Eve Knox

Aside from accepting payments in Crypto through Spankchain, Knox mints NFT’s on Rarible. While most of her NFT’s are sexually explicit, others are simply selfies, artwork, and beautifully composed photoshoots. She is actively involved in the blockchain, collaborating and consulting others.

A sex workers dependency on crypto 

For many, adaptation is survival. Sex workers’ dependency on crypto is due to necessity as opposed to a luxury. Sex workers such as Allie Eve Knox depend on cryptocurrency to put food on the table or pay bills. 

“We talk about Crypto being this like solution for things, whatever, I always say its a solution, not the solution”, Said Knox. “It’s been helpful, it’s saved our asses a bunch of times, its how we pay our bills, its how we take our income in”.

sex worker crypto cutie
Photo by Victor Von and Allie Eve Knox

Knox is one of the few sex workers in the crypto space who thrive in the Blockchain. There are still those out there who are only surviving. The dependency sex workers have on crypto, while not taken seriously stems from a greater issue.

Those who produce sexually explicit content openly on the internet, are detested in the public’s eye.

“We still face the stigma, it doesn’t matter how many apps people build or what type of products they build, what kind of company pops up, this is still a social problem”

– Allie Eve Knox

It’s no surprise, Knox is successful, in her line of work. However, everything she received did not come without taking a few risks or putting in hours of work.

Many believe that sex work is easy, but the reality is many of these workers are running their own businesses. Marketing, Scheduling content, and client interaction are the tip of the iceberg. 

“There’s a lot of us that have degrees in marketing, or sale, we can do all kinds of shit, we run our own businesses”, said Knox. “If I was to make a resume of all the shit that I do on a daily basis, it would blow actual jobs out of water”.

Allie Eve Knox continues to grind…

Cryptocurrency allows sex workers to work comfortably in the safety of their own homes and choice of partners. The fluctuating value of cryptocurrency is only one example of the inconsistencies sex workers face. For instance, many banks threatened to penalize platforms like Pornhub and OnlyFans by refusing payments.

As a result, causing them to abruptly ban sexually explicit content. In addition, other sites go through a more time-consuming process before allowing producers to upload their content. However, nothing is guaranteed to be uploaded. For those who have bills to pay, time and assurance are important.

“I spent 14 hour days at the computer, completely scheduling my OnlyFans that was for 2022 like that took me almost three months,” said the crypto cutie. “Here the problem if OnlyFans comes through and decides there not gonna allow nudity again, well that whole fucking time for me is wiped, that whole income for me is gonna be wiped.

Tokenomics is becoming more mainstream. New startups are popping up each quarter, making headlines. Meanwhile, those who have been surviving on cryptocurrency since the beginning, accumulating tons of knowledge are rarely given a seat at the table 

“Crypto is that thing where it’s all the hell raisers, so you think there would be more a community vibe across the board, but it hasn’t been that way”

– Allie Eve Knox
pizza pusha

Who is Pizza Pusha? The NYC GOAT curating a new kind of experience

“I’m a smoker, I’m a nondrinker, I like to eat…,” says founder of Stoned Pizza Chris Barret aka the Pizza Pusha.

Born and raised a New Yorker, Chris Barret, also known as the “Pizza Pusha” is revolutionizing both the cannabis and pizza industry with his Stoned Pizza concept.

Check out Stoned Pizza’s website. (click here)

stoned pizza founder
Pictured Chris Barret | Photo Courtesy: @img.mos

The concept is simple, combining two iconic staples of New York City, pizza and weed. Barrett’s vision became a growing reality in 2017 with the establishment of Stoned Pizza.

We took a moment to talk about his growth and tour his headquarters. 

Barret’s headquarters reflected his personality. It was an upscale, yet inviting multi-level and multi-roomed building where the Pizza Pusha worked, slept, and played. My partner and I were patted down and checked by his security before we proceeded with the interview.

We conducted the interview upstairs. The Pizza Pusha paused his music and sat in front of a large red neon sign that said “Either light up or, leave me alone.”

He was listening to a song off Jay-Z’s American Gangsta Acappella album. continuing to smoke his cigar, he answered all our questions with confidence and experience.

He spoke to us with the utmost respect and made us feel like guests in his home.

pizza pusha
Pictured Chris Barret | Photo Courtesy: @img.mos

After our interview, Pizza Pusha gave us a tour of his headquarters where everything happens. He took us downstairs to his office and next to that was a room, where he hosted all his events and entertained celebrities’ dinners.

He showed us the room where people who work closely with and for him conducted their business. We walked into one of his videographers editing a party video at HQ, featuring Styles P, Havoc, Dave East, Fetty Wap, and more.

The energy was casual, yet everyone had a role to fulfill and work was getting done. We went into his bedroom where Pizza Pusha introduced us to Coco, his one-year-old Bengal kitten, and showed us custom air forces designed by Sole Legend Customs.

Coco’s presence made the headquarters feel more like home.

With so many competitors already in the NYC cannabis and pizza market, Barret had to work smart to overcome these challenges.

Barret began by ambitiously taking to Instagram to serve his creations to big shots and celebrities who would be interested in his product. Not long after Stoned Pizza would be a success, making deliveries all across NYC.

“It wasn’t rocket science. I just had a good product that I knew that celebrities would want,” said the Stoned Pizza Founder. “Most of the celebrities I worked with within this company I didn’t know them before, some I did but the majority I didn’t.”

Stoned Pizza is more than just a service serving products to celebrities. Now with a brick-and-mortar store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Stoned Pizza serves locals and visitors an elevated food experience.

thc restaurant
Pictured Chris Barret | Photo Courtesy: @img.mos

For only  $100, guests are treated to a 2-hour food tasting experience consisting of a 3-course meal. This experience is introduced with an appetizer, featuring a salad and THC-infused garlic knots they call “Ganja Knots.”

Moving on to the main course of mouth-watering THC-infused pizza and chicken lollipops, topped off with an assortment of three flavored gelatos and lobster tail.

The Pizza Pusha is taking a step forward, representing how far cannabis can be incorporated into New York and how the perception of the community has changed over the years.

“This last Mothers Day we had a girl, she was about 20 something, and she came with her mother, who was like 40 something, and her grandmother who was like 60 something… This was the dopest thing and they all had a good time,” said Barret. 

infused thc restaurant
via Instagram: @pizzapusha
FBF Mothers Day 2021 ❤️ #3generations 💨

Over the years Barret and his team have ultimately created an inviting community for food lovers and cannabis enthusiasts.

This elevated community composed of artists, celebrities, and everyday people is growing every day. Barrett’s legacy as New York’s Pizza Pusha is all about growth. Growth of community, business, and public perception of cannabis 

”I just created an environment where I would like to go, and I know it works for other people”, said the Pizza Pusha.

“Food is a connector, cannabis is a connector, and the work well together.”

Founder of Stoned Pizza Chris Barret
Wrinkle the Duck

Who is Wrinkles? NYC’s favorite Duck on the Gram

New York City is home to so many adorable Instagram famous pets that are cats and dogs, however, Wrinkles the Duck sets herself apart from the whiskers and paws with bills and feathers.

Barely even a year old Wrinkles capture the hearts of everyone she meets. Her wings aren’t the only feature that makes this heartwarming bird unique from your typical household NYC pet.

Raised by two circus performers Joyce and Justin, Wrinkles lives a unique life, charming people in person and online. Wrinkles herself can even juggle, much like her owners.

Her Instagram account, seducktive, is filled with exciting adventures that bring joy to your feed. Even saying her name puts a smile on your face.

“When she was little she really liked wrinkles, little folds in the fabric and everything like that, she would constantly investigate and try to them, so we just called her wrinkle eater,” said Justin. “Then we started traveling around then it was like a Wrinkle in time.”

Wrinkles the Duck is a Princess

Wrinkles was hatched a male and biologically has male features, however, she is referred to with she/her pronouns.

It’s difficult to determine the biological sex of a duck until 6 months after they were hatch. Female and male ducks quack differently, but when Justin and Joyce had to register Wrinkles as an emotional support animal, they registered her as a girl.

“All the signs pointed to female, she always given feminine vibes she’s our little princess,” said Justin. “She can be whatever she wants to be”. 

While she loves people and the attention, ducks are still a little socially awkward. That’s not stopping Wrinkles though, she’s making friends across all species of life.

In a community as large as NYC, Wrinkles isn’t the only Duck in town. Her owners are even taking her on little outings and duck dates where she meets other ducks. 

Wrinkles’ Dorothy shoes

“We met different animals she met a bunny, she met a pig and goose,” said Joyce. “We’re still trying to let her meet a couple ducks more regularly and see if we can bring her to the next level of relationship”

Wrinkles made headlines as an emotional support duck, following runners through the finish line in the 2021 NYC marathon in her signature red shoes.

Her shoes are beyond a fashion statement, they’re made of neoprene, the same material used in manufacturing wetsuits for scuba divers. These eye-catching shoes provide Wrinkles protection and prevent bumble-foot common with duck. 

“The red shoes become her signature thing, but she has a whole different pairs of different shoes that we made a bunch of different colors and stuff,” said Justin. “So when she wears a different color people seem to notice”. 

“We try to match it with different events we’re going…”

The NYC Marathon wasn’t the finish line for Wrinkle’s public appearance. This feathered guest of honor has appeared in many different locations such as Tiffany’s, Sloomoo, and other distinguished events.

Her adventures continue on Instagram, making friends and living her best life with her caring owners. 

“When you look at her you just feel better already, it’s impossible to look at her and not smile and feel good,” said Justin and Joyce.

“She always has these little smiles and she always makes us feel great, it’s hard sad or in a bad mood having her around.”  

Unregular Pizza hits different: How to barter for a slice of heaven

During the weeks under lockdown, Gabriele Lamonaca created his one-of-a-kind pizzas in his apartment, today you can buy or barter for a slice of Unregular Pizza, at his store by Union Square.

Lamonaca has made a name for himself on Instagram for bartering his homemade Roman-style pizza with New Yorkers during the pandemic.

Meet the Founder Gabriele Lamonaca

Topped with a whole ball of burrata cheese and other uncommon garnishes, Lamonaca’s out-of-the-ordinary pizzas are more than just good looks.

From the very moment, you take your first bite, the pizza melts into your mouth. The savory sauce paired with the bold burrata cheese taste was satisfying.

unregular pizza slices

Lamonaca decided to bring Roman-style pizza to New York because he believed that this is what the big apple needed. Instead of challenging the already established New York-style pizza, he managed to do his own thing by adding a personal flavor of his childhood and sharing Roman-style pizza.

What sets Roman-style pizza apart from New York Style pizza is two things. The first is the dough, Roman-style pizza at Unregular Pizza is leavened for 72 hours to create a crispy crust. The second characteristic is the creative and insane amount of delicious toppings you wouldn’t find at any other pizzeria in New York.

unregular pizza slices

Bored and in need of a creative outlet, Lamonaca experimented with different ingredients to create pizzas and after several DM’s from his friends, he began making them per order. The more he posted, the more people were asking him to sell them his pizzas, however, money isn’t what he wanted.

“The barter is made so people can share what they want to express or they can share what they’re good at,” said Lamonaca. “So what we want to return is not money. It’s an experience or it is worth something too, you know, something that makes me experience the background of the culture.”

Unregular Pizza is bringing back the barter system

The bartering system dates back decades, before Unregular Pizza’s founding. People from all walks of life across the globe have participated in the bartering system, especially Lamonacas’s Grandmother who would bake bread and exchange that for eggs with the neighbors who owned chickens.

“That was a practice that really held up small communities,” said Lamonaca. “It’s amazing to see that practice like that came back in a different form in a different formate, but it went from a very small village in southern Italy to a very big city, a cosmopolitan city that is New York.”

In the very short time since his first barter, Lamonaca and Unregular pizza have done about 600 barters. Each New York City barter would be unique from the other, but all remained to give Lamonaca an enriching learning experience.

Unregular Pizza and Gabriele Lamonaca have received so many different material objects, however, it’s the experiences that are the most interesting, such as a horseback riding lesson or a night in a penthouse in downtown manhattan.

“It’s like traveling 600 different times,” said Lominica.

“That’s the beauty of New York, that’s why it works so well here because here there’s so much to learn from the community around you.”

– Gabriele Lamonaca, Unregular Pizza Owner

Is the SEC coming for your crypto neck? A warning for creators

The SEC might be coming for your crypto wallet…

The crypto industry may want to prepare itself for more active intervention coming from the Security and Exchange Commission. In recent years the SEC came after DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather, and Steven Segal, but lower-profile individuals involved with crypto trading may want to be more cautious.   

Gary Gensler and the SEC have been fighting the war on crypto for some time now, most notably the lawsuit last year with Ripple Inc which debated whether crypto was currency or security.

Most recently the SEC has even threatened lawsuits against one of the most popular crypto trading companies, Coinbase, which ended their “Lend” program.

Why should this matter to everyday crypto traders? 

Cryptocurrency has a promising future in the economy, allowing everyday people to take more control over their finances.

Since China’s crypto ban, the price for Bitcoin, Etheruem, and a few other currencies are making it easier for anyone to become wealthy, but also for anyone to be scammed

Labor shortage and The Great Resignation

Recent studies by Civic Science shows how economic freedom from cryptocurrency led to more people leaving their job, contributing to the “Great Resignation.”

This data shows how those with the lowest income, quit their full-time job to invest in crypto are the ones quitting their jobs.

With more people quitting their jobs and turning to crypto, it won’t be a surprise why the SEC may crackdown on traders to better incentivize them into returning to work. 

Flaunting your crypto wealth can get you in trouble with the SEC

Both DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have been charged by the SEC for promoting cryptocurrencies sold in their initial coin offering (ICO) without revealing that they’ve been paid.

What sets crypto trading apart from stocks is that they work in the gray area between securities and currency. It’s easier for crypto traders to make lots and disclose anything to anyone. It’s important for lower-profile crypto traders to remember that with great gains comes great responsibility. 

What is Delta-8? A new path for THC or a suspect alternative

What is Delta-8?

Meet the new kid on the block Delta-8 and weed’s weaker cousin that’s sold publicly by being in the legal gray areas.

In most states, you can buy it in most smoke shops, CBD retailers, or even online. This is because the very close cousin to “real weed” is extracted from hemp which can legally be grown under the 2018 farm bill.

Because it is so new,  there’s a lot we don’t know. it can either be a pioneering success or outlawed in the coming year. You may have questions about this product, and here’s what we know. 

Does Delta-8 get you high? 


Yes, it will get you high. This is due to similarities between the chemical structure of the two products. The weed you’re used to buying is also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or just delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is just a step down from that Delta-9, which makes it less potent. 

Unlike Delta-9 THC, the weed alternative won’t give you the grogginess or anxiety common cannabis think of Delta-8 as “diet weed”, you have to consume more, and the high won’t last you as long, however, it does feel cleaner in some cases.

It is perfect for those who want a nice introduction to cannabis, but for long-time stoners, it’s gonna take a lot to get them high.

Can you roll fat blunts with it? 

You can consume delta-8 the same way you consume regular weed. It takes the form of edibles, vapes, dabs, and simple buds. Because the weed alternative is less effective than regular cannabis, it’s ideal for micro-dosing.

If you don’t live in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, or Utah… Then yeah it’s legal. 

Is it sketchy or nah? 

delta-8 chemical

It should really be noted however that the weed alternative is new to the market and not a lot is known about the product. The FDA has not approved delta-8 safe for use yet and labels it as a schedule I drug. The CDC has issued a health alert regarding the product.

Regardless of officials’ warnings, people are still consuming the delta-8 responsibly. If you’re really curious about delta-8, but want to consume some precautions should be taken before purchasing it.

If the label looks sketchy or you got it from a sketchy place you probably shouldn’t buy it. Here are some more things you should keep in mind to determine if your delta-8 product is safe 

  1. Look for a QR Code
    Safe products should have a QR code on their product which will lead you to a Certificate of Analysis which would look something like this. This certificate will tell you that the product is tested and tell you how much CBD and THC the product has. Like nutrition facts, you find on food.
  2. Purchase from a licensed cannabis store, not a convenience store. 
    Cannabis stores have procedures and licenses when putting their product out there. They take pride in delivering the best products to their consumers. These stores will carry quality products.
  3. Don’t buy it if it’s cheap
    Extracting Delta-8 THC from hemp is a long and careful process. Reputable and quality manufacturers will do extensive testing, and procedures to ensure that their product is safe to consume. This process is also expensive, so if you buy products whose price is too good to be true, then that might be the case. 

So what’s really good?


In conclusion, Delta-8 is new to the market and no one really knows if it is safe. But whether it’s safe to consume is up to the user.

However it is pioneering how accessible THC is becoming to the public and with every new product, especially with anything cannabis-related, there’s going to be an up and downside. 

NYC goes crypto-friendly: Do other states think CityCoins are lit?

In an interview with Bloomberg, newly elected NYC mayor, Eric Adams announced his plans to transform NYC into a crypto-friendly city. What can this mean for the future of New York around CityCoins and tokenomics?

Adams’ dream of a crypto-friendly city is already a reality in a few U.S States and cities are already involving crypto in their community

What are CityCoins?

citycoin crypto friendly

CityCoins is a grassroots initiative pushing cities into the future of crypto with their ecosystem. CityCoins are mined by forwarding Stacks tokens (STX) to CityCoins or bought in the exchange.

The Stacks blockchain works by making Bitcoin programmable. Programmers can build decentralized apps, NFTs, and smart contracts.

citycoins explained

Seventy percent of forwarded STX can be used to earn BItcoin while 30% of the STX goes to the city’s crypto wallet. Block reward winners are selected randomly, weighted by total STX spent. It’s up to the cities official on how they wish to use their crypto treasury. 

Set up your STX here.

Is MiamiCoin the future of a crypto-friendly city?

Tech enthusiast and Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez launched the first CityCoin to market with MiamiCoin. Miami is transforming itself into the crypto center of the U.S.

Recently many investors and tech entrepreneurs have relocated their headquarters from New York to Miami with Mayor Suarez consistently promoting Miami to be the new Silicon Valley. The crypto-friendly mayor may even be the first official to be paid in Bitcoin.

He’s not the only one taking in crypto. In an interview with Bloomberg, Suarez said Miami will move forward with paying public employees in Bitcoin.

The request was proposed in October that would also allow residents to pay for taxes and fees in bitcoin. Programs would also possibly be funded from crypto-friendly initiatives. 

San Francisco to be the next frontier for CityCoins…

According to the CityCoin website, their next frontier is San Francisco, the stomping ground for tech industrials. San Francisco is not new in incorporating crypto tokenomics into its community.

Many San Francisco businesses are already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. This strategy pushes their residents to invest making a smoother transition to their own CityCoin. 

Colorado always thought crypto-friendly cities were a wave

Senate Bill 086 was signed in Colorado in 2018. This Bill required many government departments to consider using blockchain. Using the encrypted blockchain strategy protects state records.

As one of the most populated cities in the U.S, New York is planning on stepping into the future of cryptocurrency and tokenomics.

New York already has the stock exchange which runs till close, however, the crypto market is 24/7, and in the city that never sleeps, the phrase “time is money” holds greater weight.

Does Gen Z have a crystal obsession? Tapping into their healing powers

Today most of Gen Z is using a crystal in their everyday life in their spiritual healing and wellness practices.

For centuries many cultures have used crystals in their metaphysical and healing practices, most recently these crystals have gained greater popularity.

Chances are you’ve probably seen more and more people wearing vibrant colored crystals around their necks. As pretty as they are these crystals are more than just an accessory. We researched the best practices historically to get you going on your spiritual journey. 

Placing a crystal in your home according to Chinese Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice in arranging objects in one’s environment to achieve balanced energy.

According to Sandra Kymes Gemstone Feng Shui: Creating Harmony in Home & Office, Gemstones embody the energy of the elemental cycles of creation and destruction utilized in feng shui. 

In feng shui, the center of space is an important area. As a grounding technique, you can place some of these crystals in the center of your room. 

  • Rose Quartz 
  • Hematite 
  • Red Jasper 
  • Black Tourmaline 
  • Black Obsidian

How Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli and Malachite

It’s no surprise that the use of crystals has been around for a while. Much like Gen Z, The ancient Egyptians used crystals and other minerals in their jewelry. Today Lapis Lazuli is associated with wisdom love and healing abilities, however, ancient Egyptians believed that the hair of their gods was made of Lapis.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that is said to enhance dreams and metaphysical abilities. Keeping Lapis Lazuli crystals on you as a Gen Z creative can amplify creative thoughts. 

According to Hieroglyphs Malachite and the color green symbolized new life, even describing their afterlife as the “Field of Malachite”. Ancient Egyptians would use this green gem in their jewelry. Notably, Cleopatra used to grind malachite in her eyeshadow to prevent eye infections. 

For its healing properties, this gem was used to provide protection and help with childbirth

Rose Quartz is the swiss army knife of crystals

Quartz is found throughout the world and has a long history. There are many different forms of quartz but the most popular form is rose quartz, also known as the heart stone.

Ancients believed it opened the heart chakra, that can find new love or strengthen the love you have. There are many uses for this crystal. For mothers, you can place milk or food within a circle of Rose Quartz to make feeding newborns easier. 

Rose Quartz can also be used for children and adults who are having difficulties with sleep. For all my Gen Z people out there just place the crystals by your bedside.

Gen Z is using a mineral or a crystal to meditate

Meditation practices stretch across all cultures as a way to balance energy or understand oneself. Using crystals to meditate and lift yourself is a wonderful way of healing yourself emotionally. Hold your crystals in front of you or in your hand and just focus. The type of crystal you choose is based on your intentions. 

Here are 5 crystals that are amazing for meditation 

1. Amethyst (The Artist Stone)

A high-frequency crystal, Amethysts are said to enhance one’s meditative state. This stone can enable greater wisdom and creativity. As a comfort stone, this is great for those who experienced loss.  

2. Selenite (Stone of the Moon Goddess)

Selenite is a calming crystal. Those who used selenite have been said to gain greater guidance once a state of meditation was achieved. 

3. Citrine (The Merchant Stone)
4. Sodalite (The Logic Stone)

Sodalite stimulates the “The Third Eye” that induces a deep trance-like state. This state can help heal wounds of the past and learn from them. 

5. Quartz

For spirituals with too much going on in their mind, that it gets fogged up, Quartz is perfect to filter out distractions. Repetitive use of Quartz in meditation makes manifestation more achievable. 

If you’re Gen Z and looking to get a crystal, check out the 101 video below

Neighborhood gentrification is here: 5 photographers saving the block

As gentrification runs rampant through urban areas, more and more native residents are displaced. The gentrified neighborhood runs through obvious changes.

Be shook… neighborhood gentrifcation is nothing new

Gentrification comes with an architectural and demographic aesthetic, that is different from its original native residents. These 5 photographers document neighborhoods going through gentrification. 

1. Kristy Chatelain | Brooklyn Changing

Chatelain has been documenting Brooklyn’s gentrifying landscape since late 2006. In her long-term photography project, Brooklyn Changing, she uses rephotography to capture the parts of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhood before and after gentrification.

This project depicts pictures of some locations being demolished with new buildings erected in place, others show street art walls being replaced with new businesses. 

Check out the full project here.

2. Al J Thompson | Remnants of an Exodus

Remnants of an Exodus is Thompson’s first photography book dedicated to his second home of Spring Valley, NY. Thompson photographs his neighborhood undergoing dramatic changes.

This book is Thompson’s invitation to viewers to revisit the town he grew up in, the buildings that provided him shade and see the people in the community that brings a face to who gentrification impacts. 

Check out Remnants of an Exodus here

3. James and Karla Murray | StoreFront – The Disappearing Face of New York

James and Karla Murray offer a visual tour of storefronts disappearing due to gentrification in StoreFront – The Disappearing Face of New York.

These photos represent New Yorks, early small businesses and give viewers a nostalgic representation of the familiarity that these storefronts had. Many of these storefronts embodied the early immigrant population of New York. 

Check out Store Front – The Disappearing Face of New York here

4. Matthew T Rader | Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary 

neighborhood gentrification dallas | Old East Dallas Gentrification Photography Documentary Part 9

Rader’s long-term photography documentary explores the gentrification in Old East Dallas through an analog lens.

In this 15 part and continuing project, Rader captures characters that would disappear and buildings that would be destroyed. This documentary depicts the negative emotions of the nature of gentrification has. 

Check out the Old East Dallas Gentrification documentary here

5. Yael Malka | The Views

Malka observes how gentrification consumes neighborhoods in The Views. The visualization of gentrification through the viewing panels at construction sites shows how gentrification first begins with the violent deconstruction of buildings. 

Malka reminds viewers how we walk by these sites and see the changes every day. 

Check out The Views here 

Spike Lee on Gentrification (Live in Brooklyn)

Is NYC ready for these 5 Halloween parties? Watch us pop TF out

NYC, are you ready for lit and haunted Halloween parties this year?

It’s been a scary year for all of us this year, but Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re celebrating the spooky season differently. This year New York is doing more than just trick or treating.

Here’s a guide to all the best Halloween parties that are happening in NYC this year to get you in the spirit. 

The Village Halloween Parade

Sunday, October 31 (7 pm)

Halloween is back this year in Greenwich Village with its iconic giant puppet. After being canceled last year due to COVID, The village will celebrate its 48th annual Halloween parade all thanks to Jason Feldman and his wife Missy Feldman.

This year’s theme is “Let’s Play!”, dedicated to the children of NYC who couldn’t celebrate Halloween last year. 

Read more about the Halloween event (click here)

Webster Hall Hell Devil’s Playground: Gay Halloween

Saturday, October 30 (11 pm)

This is the after-party you want to go to after The Village Halloween Parade. All four floors of Webster Hall turns into an exciting costume party with spine-tingling music and a costume contest.

Webster Hell 2011 was one of the biggest Halloween Parties in NYC

The winner will receive $5,000. Tickets are getting more expensive, the closer we get to this NYC Halloween party, so get yours soon.


Watermark “Haunted Pier” Silent Disco 

Friday, October 29 (7 pm – 12 am)

This Halloween, your costume better have some good dancing shoes too, cause The Watermark is hosting a Haunted Pier silent disco. If you have never been to a silent disco this is your chance to dance.

halloween party watermark
Watermark Halloween

Located at the end of Pier 15, this 10,000 square foot outdoor venue will transform into a fully immersive Halloween festival party with three live DJs playing on your headphones, cocktails, food, and scary movie screening.


Pumpkin Point 2021: Governors Island 

October 23-24 (10 am – 6 pm)  | October 30-31 (10 am – 6 pm) 

Nothing says fall like pumpkin picking. Thousands of pumpkins are arriving at Governors Island this October and you’re invited to walk through this colorful pumpkin patch.

Live performances along with activities will keep everyone entertained. Local vendors will also be selling seasonal food and beverages. It’s lit!

Well, don’t get too lit lol. (RSVP HERE)

House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée | Wall Street 

October 8 – 31

Explore a haunted mansion in Wallstreet this year with House of Spirits. This haunted cocktail Soirée will let you mingle with some strange characters and sip on Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Enjoy yourself and witness the haunting story of Molly and Francisco Vega as they dive into a darker place and bring you along with them. This Halloween party is not for the weak-hearted.