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How To Gamble With $5 On Your Card?

Punters might have often heard of high roller casinos where huge sums of money are wagered expecting huge returns. However, it is not always feasible.

Casinos also offer low deposits and stakes for punters who look for deposit options as low as $5. 

With a plethora of casinos across the internet, it is important to know that low-budget casinos also offer scopes of winning significant sums of money.

These suit the requirements of punters running on a small budget. $5 deposit casinos are perfect for beginners who want to understand the algorithm of online slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. since it will cost almost nothing. 

Step 1: Find $5 Casino

It is not too difficult to find good $5 deposit casinos via Casino Deps or any other gambling protal.

However, if you want your gambling experience to be fun and reliable, it is important to choose an honest, trustworthy casino platform. Tips for finding a $5 casino:

Ensure That The Website Is Legit: 

Low deposit casinos must be chosen carefully since there is a risk of scams. No matter how tempting the offers are, one must always gamble on a platform with a good reputation and a legitimate license.

Always check the licensing and reviews for the website before investing in it. 

Knowing The Terms And Conditions: 

Every casino platform, especially $5 casinos, will have its own set of terms and conditions when special offers are given.

Go through them thoroughly before claiming any welcome bonuses or promotions. This would help in understanding what it takes to win and withdraw from the website. 

Games Available For $5: 

Always learn what casino games are offered for a deposit of $5 since not all games can be accessed via that amount.

Before making an investment, find out the games available so that one can test his luck on low deposit online slots or table games. 

Step 2: Register And Claim Bonus

After choosing a gambling platform, one has to undergo the registration process after which he can access the games available. Welcome bonuses must be redeemed too.

In addition to free spins, $5 casinos can offer multiple bonuses like reload bonuses, match offers, cashback, banking method bonuses. These promotions always come with certain requirements and restrictions. 

Always claim the bonus offers available for $5 deposits. For example, Paypal deposits might offer free spins to a punter.

Advantages of playing with $1 or $5 include security of monetary transactions, 24/7 operational sites, variable payment, and withdrawal options. 

Step 3: Go To Cashier Section And Top Your Account With $5

There are multiple deposit options available to a punter even at $5 casinos. All methods are secure in their own way. However, not all methods are fast and easy.

Some prefer using Paypal whereas some might use a credit or debit card such as Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Laser. Other popular payment methods include e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz. 

Wire transfers are also common. Thus, with so many deposit options, transfers have been made easy. To make a deposit at an online casino, one has to go to the cashier section and choose the deposit option.

The amount has to be fed in and the payment method has to be chosen and confirmed. After a successful top up, a punter can use his $5 for playing at the gambling platform. 

Step 4: Active Free Spins And Play Online

Free spins are a common form of welcome bonus for new punters who register at an online casino. These can also be a part of a regular promotional deal for long-term players.

If free spins are a part of a welcome offer, punters do not need to do anything to trigger the bonus. Simply open an account at the casino and open a slot game where the free spins are offered. 

This would automatically credit the free spins. When using the free spins to play online slot games, the casino automatically decides the bet size for ensuring a safe betting environment for minimizing the chances of any cheating.

In a general scenario, the bets of a punter will be set across  all of the slot’s paylines on the minimum betting value. 


Gambling with $5 is definitely a tempting method which bears certain restrictions as well. With the advancement of technology, casinos are literally available at the palms of punters.

$5 casinos are prevalent and convenient since gamblers can try out unfamiliar sites without major investments and test out casinos. It also offers a chance of a  potential win.  

It also helps in budget controlling which in turn prevents problem gambling tendencies among punters. $5 casinos provide multiple withdrawal and deposit methods including fast options like PayPal.

However, not all games offered by a casino can be played with $5 and the games are restricted where bonuses usually require a higher wagering requirement. 

PGA Major Golf Tournaments: Masters, US PGA, US Open, The Open

The year 2022 is almost over, and we are just a few months from the next golf tournament.

Before the preparation for the restart of major golf tournaments, it’s an excellent time to review the main men’s golf tournaments worldwide: the Majors.

Currently, the four championships that make up the “Grand Slam” are the Augusta Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

They are held in the same order throughout the year, the first being, as we have already mentioned, the Augusta Masters in April.

What do they have in common? All of them have an 18 – hole par 72 course.

As for the prize, the golfer who wins one of these Majors receives a juicy cash reward and 100 world golf ranking points, while golf odds bettors get excellent opportunities to stake on games.

Let’s see how they differ.

Augusta Masters

It’s normally held at the Augusta National Golf Club (Augusta, Georgia) the second week of April, between Thursday and Sunday.

It’s the youngest of the four tournaments, having been created in 1934 by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones.

The rest of the Majors are attended for sporting merit; however, in the Augusta Masters, only those golfers who achieve a series of objectives are invited.

And in addition to the cash prize, the winner receives the mythical green jacket.

US Open

The United States Golf Association organizes it, and each year it’s held on a different course in the United States.

In 2017, it did so for the first time at the Erin Hills Golf Course (Wisconsin).

The US Open was first held on October 4, 1895. It’s currently conducted in the third week of June, coinciding with the Sunday on which Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States.

It’s open to any professional or amateur golfer with an updated handicap of 1.4. There’s also no age limit.

Of the 156 places in the tournament draw, about 70 – almost half – are automatically awarded to players who have won other majors, former winners of the same, or members of the Top 30 in the previous season.

British Open

The British Open is the oldest of the four Majors, first held in 1860. It’s organized by the Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and each year it takes place on a British golf course within an exclusive rotation of around ten courses. 

In addition to the cash prize, the Claret Jug, a solid silver jug, is awarded. Although previously, it was a red leather belt with a silver buckle.

PGA Championship

It’s the last of the Majors to be held in the PGA Championship, which takes place four weeks after the British Open in August.

Each year it’s played on a different golf course in the US, and in 2022, it was held at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It’s organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA), an association that integrates professional golfers in the United States. Its first edition was in 1916 under the Match Play modality; Today, it’s done in stroke play format like the rest of the majors.

The PGA winner is invited to play all other majors and The Players tournament for the next five years and becomes a PGA Tour member.


There are other golf tournaments around the globe, but these challenges are the major 4, as explained previously. These golf challenges are filled with surprises as pro golfers compete for the title.

Which of the four majors are you looking forward to next year?

Thanks for reading!

How To Avoid Overcharging In Gambling

Millions of players want to use credit cards for funding their accounts at an online casino. This is not possible at UKGC casinos but there are still websites that accept this, which are outside UKGC.

As such you can easily find one and fund the account using your credit card. This will cost you more and now we will reveal the alternative.

Gambling Transactions Have Higher Charges and Fees

Keep in mind that any deposit at an online casino is free of charge and you don’t have to worry about any fees from the side of the casino. But your bank is a different topic.

They will charge you high interest and they may also charge an additional fee that can be 2% or more depending on the bank.

In other words, this is the same as when using the card to windrow the funds from the ATM and it is considered the most expensive option of them all.

When you are using the same credit card to buy something or purchase a service the fees are much lower and the interest is lower as well.

There is no simple way to avoid this. The bank will treat any transaction to an online casino or a sports betting website as a gambling transaction and these fees and the interest will automatically be applied to your account.

Obviously, there are still hundreds of online casinos with credit card deposits listed on NonGamStopBets and they are extremely popular among players from the UK.

The situation is the same when you are playing bingo, scratch cards, or anything similar. Yes, the lottery does apply as a gambling transaction as well. 

Here we can see another issue. You are basically borrowing money to gamble and you are doing this with a fee that is high.

As such you can lose even more than usual hence this is not an appealing method to fund your account and play games.

Gamblers in the United Kingdom and most parts of the globe like to use credit cards for this purpose.

Most people have one already and they can always fund the account regardless of the time and how much money they actually have. 

The Alternatives

A good thing is that gamblers these days have a lot of popular payment alternatives so they don’t have to pay for those fees and interests.

Below we are going to explain a few of them and keep in mind that gamblers have been using all of these for a long period of time.

Pay By Phone

This is the most similar method as when using a credit card but far more affordable. You won’t have to pay for fees or anything similar which is great. The method is superb when it comes to safety.

You will need your telephone number only hence you don’t have to worry about anything. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for that amount you deposited at the end of the month when you get your telephone bill.

It is almost identical as when using credit cards only better or let’s just say more affordable. 

Bank Wire Transfer

There are no fees or interests here so you can use your bank account to fund the account at the online casino easily. The deposits are still fast and you will be able to gamble within minutes.

The biggest issue is the withdrawal time. At some casinos, you may have to wait up to 10 days to get the funds to your bank which is far from appealing and interesting. But, it is safe and it is a widely accepted method. 


You can use e-wallets as well. The main advantage here is the ability to use almost countless of them. Some of the examples include Skrill, Neteller, and many more.

These are all safe and we know that they are extremely common in gambling. Both of the aforementioned ones generate the biggest part of the income from these transactions.

But, they are still free for you. You will have to add a card to the e-wallet account or a bank account number and you will fund the account directly. You can even have one e-wallet for games only. 


If you want something special and you really want to avoid any fees and waiting times using cryptocurrencies is mandatory. Basically here all deposits are instant and you can use all kinds of virtual currencies.

All withdrawals are instant as well. You will need a special eWallet for this purpose and you are good to go. Yes, you can use Bitcoin for gambling.

The main advantage here is the speed but don’t forget about anonymity. After all, more and more casinos on the web are now accepting cryptocurrencies. 

The Final Word

Using credit cards to fund your account at an online casino is not great and can be one of the worst methods to do this. But you can block this option and use the aforementioned alternatives.

You do have a lot of options and all of them are safe and come with unique benefits and advantages players appreciate and do need.

Just pick the one or ones you like and start using them right now. All of this is simple and there won’t be any issues or problems.

Online Gambling In The USA: When To Expect Legalization

At the moment online gambling and betting in the United States is extremely complicated when it comes to laws. Some states allow it in minimal form, others don’t allow it completely and some are working on legalization.

Being able to tell when online gambling is going to become legal in the United States generally is impossible.

But experts from NonGamStopSlots who review USA online casinos for UK players prepared a set of states that are working on this right now hence you can deduce that more will follow hence in time, online gambling will become 100% legal.

Here we will have to cover a few states that are working on legalization.


Believe it or not, online gambling will probably become legal any time soon in the state. This is possible due to one major reason.

See, any time soon many land-based casinos are going to start development in the state. According to Sen. Dave Syverson, they should and need to be regulated which is obvious.

This brings one major question. If a land-based casino has an app, it will offer online gambling which is not legal now. But it is mandatory for the gain and reputability of the casino.

The lack of a better word, online gambling will be legal after land-based casinos are legalized and available to people. All of this is not going to happen any time soon like in 2022. However, we can see that there is hope for 2023 and the future. 


There is just one reason to say this. Indiana is going to legalize online gambling.

We say that republicans Ethan Manning and also Doug Gutwein filed the so-called HB1356 which should apply tax to gaming revenues of 18%. We can also see that Alan Morrison filed a similar request last year.

All of this means that they are working on creating the laws, rules, and other requirements needed for the state to legalize online gambling.

It is the first state of the bunch that will do this and as such, we can inform you that if you live in Indiana, soon you will be able to gamble online as much as you like.


Maryland is working on legalization as well. Already we can see a few sports betting providers working with the people and offering their services.

We can also see that mobile sports betting is present but in limited form and there are not a lot of possibilities. But, we can expect the obvious. 

In late 2022 the state will start introducing and working on legalizing online gambling and sports betting completely. This means that there are great odds for gamblers in the state and it also sagest that soon we will be able to see a lot of well-known names from the industry here. 


Connecticut state was working on legalizing online gambling for a few months. Sadly, there were a lot of complaints and lawsuits that stopped this progress. But, it is not over.

The state is still working on making these laws available and allowing people to gamble online. It is unclear to tell when some major progress will happen but we do know it is going to happen. We believe it will happen in the next year or even sooner.

New York

Yes, online gambling and betting in New York have great odds of being legalized and becoming available to its residents.

We also know that the rules and laws are different here than in other states but these are actually all good things.

Sadly, we are unable to tell when this is going to happen but massive progress will probably be visible in late 2022 or in 2023. 

The other States Are Working On Legalization As Well

Don’t think that only these states are working on making online gambling and sports betting legal in the United States.

As a matter of fact, we can see Georgia, Kansas, Wyoming, and a few other states working on the same thing.

These are farther away from the legalization of online casinos and they will need a couple of years or a bit less. 

It is important to add that online gambling and sports betting are going to become available and legal in the United States over time.

As you were able to see more and more states are going to approve this. This is a chain reaction so once a few states have approved, many more will follow.

For lack of a better word, we can see that the whole country is going to do the same thing eventually. 

When we can expect this? Well, according to experts we can see the first major changes and approvals in 2023.

This is probably going to happen in the aforementioned states. However, we can see that others will do the same thing, but a few months later. So additional changes will be visible in 2024-2025.  

The Final Word

Yes, online gambling is going to become legal and regulated in the United States. For the lack of a better word, this is not something that will happen overnight but rather something that will happen in the next 2-3 years.

Such games like bingo, and poker are trending around the world and the US is not an exception. After all, online gambling is extremely popular hence more and more people want to enjoy it.

All states should allow this due to obvious advantages and the ability to do what you want when you want and especially where you want. 

PC vs console gaming: A full breakdown of the pros and cons

PC vs console gaming is a debate that has been going on for years and will probably continue for the rest of our lives. Gamers face two choices and in the end, the decision depends on their preference.

Both options differ from the other in their pros and cons. Before making a choice, it’s important to compare and analyze differences to decide what’s best for you. Factors like budget, technical knowledge, upgrades, durability, etc. play a vital role.

This article discusses different aspects of PC and console gaming. Let’s get into it!

Elements of PC vs Console


Whether you’re buying a PC or a console, you want something worth spending. However, spending on a PC is a lot different from spending money on a console. For a console, you only purchase the console, extra controllers, and games. Whereas in a gaming PC, you have to spend on several things to build your PC from a monitor to a graphic card.

Because there’s a wide variety of choices in building a PC, it’s hard to decide which option is more cost-efficient.

The perceived value and needs of a machine vary from individual to individual. Also, the level of customization and expectation of performance determines the budget you’re willing to spend.

Technical knowledge

As compared to PCs, gaming consoles are easy to operate and install. The console doesn’t necessarily require much modification and its in-built specifications are enough to run any game.

In contrast, when building a PC, you need to be aware of certain technical knowledge about the processor, graphic card, memory, and more.

With a PC, you need to upgrade hardware and install new drivers to keep up the performance. But you can always customize it as per your liking, which is not possible in consoles.


It’s much easier to upgrade a PC than a console. You can add external hardware to support your console. In a PC, the upgrades are more extensive and can improve the overall performance.

The following advantages will further help you in comparing a console and a PC.

Pros of Using a Console

Easy To Use

The primary advantage of consoles over PCs is the setup. Consoles are in-built machines that don’t require any technical knowledge to set up and you can instantly start playing. 

There’s no maintenance required in consoles and relatively cost less than building a gaming PC. Also, new features keep on adding in consoles, which now allow you to stream shows, movies, or music.

More Product Life

Consoles have more life than a PC. Because manufacturers built consoles keeping system requirements and games in mind, the technology doesn’t get obsolete quickly. On the other hand, the technology used in PCs gets older quicker and you’ll need to upgrade regularly to keep playing new games.

Generally, consoles last for years. Once there’s a new console in the market, then the upgrade for gamers is inevitable. Until the new technology is released, console gamers will have a collection of games to enjoy for the time being. 

Exclusive Games

This advantage is highly valuable. The console market is massive enough that certain games are released only for consoles and remain exclusive.

Pros of Using a PC


The biggest advantage of a PC is customization. You can build a PC as per your liking and install the latest hardware to be compatible with the latest and upcoming games.

Better Visuals

Integrating the latest possible graphics technology, the PC enables you to enjoy the game at the highest settings. You’re in control of the resolution and can match your monitor settings with your PC, unlike consoles.

More Variety

Building a PC allows you to integrate multiple manufacturers into one PC. Similarly, you have more variety in games as well. PC gamers can enjoy both console games and exclusive PC games. Moreover, on PCs, you have the option of playing an online casino, arcade games, and other classic games that are not available in stores.

Bottom Line

The topic is highly subjective and depends on the choices of a gamer. Both consoles and PCs have their advantages, but in the end, it depends on the budget, skills, and requirements. 

Is Fortnite Dying? The world’s most popular game now forgotten

Battle Royale has been one of the most popular genres in the world, and literally, everyone has been playing one of the many BR games in the world. And there’s no doubt that Fortnite remains to be one of the most popular BR games of all time. 

There was a time when the entire world was talking about one Battle Royale game and it was Fortnite. The game reached out to every corner and crevice in the world and it was impossible to avoid it.

Fortnite became a sensation all over the world for young gamers and for months, no matter if it was the web you were surfing or scrolling down your Facebook feed, the game was just everywhere.

A lot of gamers today say that the game is dying but is it really? Here is what we think.

What’s Going on With Fortnite?

With near about a million concurrent Fortnite accounts active at any moment, this video game has broken records.

It is true the game isn’t as popular as it once was back in the days but it still entertains a big number of gamers that count around 2.8 million online players.

The normal count for concurrent players is around two to eight million while Fortnite goes up to ten million during live events, making it probably the most popular game ever. 

People might say the game is dying but these numbers say otherwise. Fortnite has become a routine for most gamer’s which is why we don’t see it so actively on the screen anymore.

Fortnite’s brilliance has made it a game far ahead of time, its main competitors are millions behind the game and we see no reason for people to be worried about the game losing its charm. 

Game updates

The developers have always kept a regular supply of freshness in the game by adding new elements every now and then making it ever-changing which keeps the players hooked.

Most of the game’s players are from the US. The US has a massive gaming community and Fortnite is the most famous video game in the community for sure. 

The second most players come from brazil. The latest numbers go up to 3-4 million players playing Fortnite non-currently in January 2022 and have more than 350 million registered players up till this day. These stats tell us how popular the game is. 

Just a few weeks earlier, Fortnite even came out with its own version of the Imposter game inspired by Among Us. Players have been enjoying a lot of interesting updates like these that help keep the game more and more excited for the players.

We see new cosmetic products make their way into the game every once in a while to keep the game afresh.

Is it really dying?

There is no way Fortnite could be dying with numbers like these, the game keeps getting better and better and Fortnite is one of the very few games that are being played by this generation as well as older ones.

It is loved by millions for its sheer brilliance, Its cute graphics, and its collaborations with famous movie titles and celebrities. 

The game has been rocking ever since it was released, and it just seems to be doing better every day.

People around the world might have different theories about Fortnite, but if we are talking about the facts, the facts say that the game doing just fine and probably better.

Better together: The 10 best co-op games to play in 2022

Cooperative games have been there since the beginning to time however, the gaming industry has evolved so much and birthed brand new games and different genres.

Couch co-op or single-player co-op is one such genre, it includes games that allow multiple players to play on a single screen. There have been great games under the flag and here are our top 5 picks.

10- Valheim

Valheim is climbing the ranks of popularity at an exponential rate and for all the right reasons. The game isn’t even fully out yet but it has taken the whole world by surprise with how good it is.

Valheim takes you all the way back to the Medieval world of Vikings. 

This game, developed by Iron Gate Studio, is currently in early access, yet I have never encountered a game that is more polished from the start.

Valheim includes everything from crafting, world-building, working together with friends to construct a hamlet and a LOT of monster hunting for a relatively low fee.

In terms of replayability, you can never get bored of this game because the procedurally generated world of Valheim is always new and unique.

9- It Takes Two

The next game on this list is the definition of a co-op game, where the whole gameplay is based on the contribution of two players.

It Takes Two is a story about a married couple on the verge of divorce who are trying to restore their shattered marriage with the help of magical dolls.

They must work together if they wish to escape a world packed with mind-boggling riddles and terrible adversaries lurking around this seemingly beautiful realm.

It Takes Two is all team-play, where one can’t simply take the reins and get through this puzzling world alone. You have to work together as a single unit in order to get through all the troubles of this unknown world. You can find the best price to buy It Takes Two from game camp.

8- Haven

This two-player cooperative game lets you play as a young couple attempting to establish a new life in a seemingly unknown world. But their new existence is not without challenges; the land they have chosen is filled with difficult riddles and a wide range of foes.

To preserve your life, you must work together to explore this uncharted cosmos and engage in tactical fights with magical creatures.

Haven is a stunning combination of a beautiful and puzzling world where everything you do has consequences. You have to rely on your partner’s wit in order to get through the dark and difficult times.

7- Portal 2

Portal 2 is by far one of the most difficult co-op games you will ever play. It might be challenging at times, but the way the makers have achieved a great blend of talent and puzzle-solving makes you want to keep going until you’ve solved it all.

This co-op game tests your creativity and requires you to be inventive with your puzzle-solving abilities as the world around you never ceases to amaze you with mind-bending puzzles that require more than just a sharp mind, your teamwork has to be on the top of the game in order to make it work.

You can buy Portal 2 for as low as 2$.

6- Overcooked 2

Cooking games are entertaining, but do you know what’s even more entertaining? Playing cookery games with your buddies is a lot of fun!

Overcooked created the groundwork for co-op task-based games, which were popular back then. Continuing along the same vein, we get Overcooked 2, which has double the mayhem and enjoyment!

This game is all about collaborating with your pals to create some one-of-a-kind dishes under extreme circumstances, while the sword of time is continually breathing down your neck. And, of course, don’t forget to extinguish the fire that your overdone meal has just started.

5- A Way Out

The Shawshank Redemption of video games, this two-player game lets players team up and find a way out of prison. The game offers a variety of ways to have fun and is surely one of a kind, loaded with set pieces, heists, and much more.

The cooperative mechanics are of sheer brilliance along with a satisfyingly strong narrative to give the game the depth it deserves. This is the kind of game any gaming duo would go for when they want to feel what it likes to be in the shoes of prisoners plotting an escape.

4- Team Sonic Racing

If you love cooperative Kart Racing games you wouldn’t want to miss this one. Team Sonic Racing takes co-op to go-kart racing to a whole new level, as it lets you divide into groups of two or three and compete against your foes.

The game has smooth co-op mechanics, you can do almost everything that a team can while racing down the track at high speeds. You can trade supplies mid-race with your allies to help them out. 

3- Guacamelee! Series

Metroid-and-Castlevania-like games have been on a high rise lately, but this isn’t just a tedious try at making a good game under the flag of the tired subgenre.

This luchador-themed masterpiece is a fun-packed, intense, and absolutely brilliant platformer-brawler with crazy animations like no other. A visually breath-taking game along with smooth gameplay mechanics make this game one of a kind for sure.

2- Resident Evil 6

Surely the godfather of cinematic action-adventure horror games. Resident Evil blends skills and players’ wits and puts it to the ultimate test. The fun doubles when you bring a friend along, as the game offers a two-player co-op for its 4 main campaigns.

There have been a few games that have been able to pull off the cinematic thing, RE6 does it without breaking a sweat.

1- Ghost N’ Goblins: Resurrection

Risen from the dead, this incredibly fun and challenging classic is revived with a few changes, the major one of course is that the remake lets you bring your friends along for the help.

Fight through hordes of evil monstrosities, zombies, ogres, and all sorts of hellish creatures along with a friend in this gorgeous and gory remake of the classic masterpiece.

Got Coal NFTs? A new way to say Merry Christmas to your fave jerk

When we came across the COAL NFT while searching for Christmas gifts, we didn’t know what to think. Is it a stroke of genius or just another gag gift for the blockchain rich?

We needed answers. So we dug deeper and spoke to the creators. They’ve requested that they remain anonymous for the sake of the NFT project.

More than just an NFT, the COAL EXPERIMENT 001 represents the times we are in. It’s a social trial and what many could call art. But what does it take to hype the NFT community and new crypto adopters to spend .025 ETH and gift their fave asshole a lump of digital coal for Christmas?


What’s really good with giving someone a lump of coal for Christmas?

Where did the idea of giving someone a lump of coal on Christmas come from? There are many theories, that you’ve all probably heard of. The most common thread… coal was given to naughty children on Santa’s bad list.

christmas nft
Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

For those who were finessed by their parents at that gullible age, that folklore tale still rocks with us to this day… No pun intended. One of the most interesting story lines, at least to us, comes from the 19th and 20th centuries. Back then, it was hard for impoverished families to come across coal. Back then a coal stocking stuffer was a come up.

But what are the creators of COAL NFT doing differently?

The conceptualization of the COAL NFT…

While at a holiday party one of the creators came across a conversation of a girl talking about her shitty sister’s boyfriend. After eavesdropping and hearing about how the boyfriend was a jerk finance bro who cheated on her sister, what started as a funny interjection became the spark that ignited the inspiration behind the COAL NFT.

“You should mint a piece of coal and gift it…” said one of the creators that night. After thinking long and hard, the creator would take the idea to his best friend who happens to be an ill graphic designer.

The two would then think through what coal represented and ponder on the old myth: Coal under pressure makes diamonds.

As black creatives the myth resonated with them and with NFTs empowering creatives all over the world, what, if at any time, would be the right time to drop a project like this.

Going deeper in thought they asked themselves these questions: Could it help more people tap into NFTs? What happens when you hold COAL? What does the COAL community represent.

Not giving to much away…

So what happens if the COAL NFT is a success? With 1000 available in the collection on (now 993) the creators of the social experiment plan on using a portion of the money to create a generative NFT. Meaning the COAL NFT could evolve at any moment in time after Christmas.

The update to the smart contract would represent that underneath the persona of every douchebag there is a beautiful caring human. On their twitter they hint at the future by using hashtags #PRESSUREMAKESDIAMONDS.

One creator even said that he would give 25 percent of his earnings to an environmental non-profit organization in an effort to offset the carbon emissions crypto causes day-to-day.

There’s definitely a lot to come from the COAL NFT camp and we’re here for it. Check out the NFT project just in time for Christmas on Rarible for yourself (click here).

The best vapes for rookies and seasoned vapers to start 2022

There probably isn’t a more frequently asked question than “What’s the best vape?” And for a good reason, since many options are available.

To help you make the right choice, we made a list of the best five vapes for 2022 that both rookies and experienced vapers can easily use and make the best of.

We have considered it all, even MTL and DTL vaping styles. We know vapers appreciate every aspect of a vape, so we’ve included various kit types, pod kits, disposables, vape pens, and more.

Whether you’re on the prowl for your brand new, first-ever vape kit or looking to upgrade your existing one, we’ve got something for everyone.

Keep on reading to see the best vapes in the 2022 market.

5 Top Vapes for 2022

Without further ado, here is our pick of the best five vape kits you can find in an online vape shop:

  1. Uwell Caliburn A2 
  2. VooPoo Drag S 
  3. Elf Bar Strawberry Ice Disposable Vape
  4. Aspire Pockex 
  5. Innokin Z Force 

Uwell Caliburn A2 

The Caliburn A2 pod kit breaks the ice as the most excellent fit for rookies and seasoned vapers.

Boasting a simple yet attractive design, the A2 pod kit will sit nicely in your pocket, and you can use it on the go. 

One of the top features of Uwell’s A2 pod kit is its user-friendly design. Thanks to the integrated window, vapers can see how much e-liquid is left and be in control of preventing dry hits. 

The design of the A2 lets vapers top off the e-liquid quickly and with no hassle. Plus, the 520mAh, long-lasting battery charges super fast – you can have your vape up and running in close to 40 minutes.

Each of the A2 vape pods is constructed with novelty mesh coils that enhance flavor and prolong the vape life. Also, on the plus side, there’s no need for replacing coils – just replace the pod, and you’re good to go!

Top perks:

  • User-friendly design;
  • Single-button operation;
  • Flavor-enhancing mesh pods.

VooPoo Drag S 

Boasting a 60W output, the Drag S by VooPoo is quite the powerful vape pod producing massive vapor for DTL buffs.

Featuring the brand’s trademark, the VooPoo Smart mode, the Drag S will automatically detect the coil you’re using and set the appropriate power output.

Design-wise, despite its pocket size, the Drag S still hosts the more robust 2500mAh battery, delivering longer vaping sessions between charges.

Plus, the integrated display lets you see exactly how long you’ve been using the vape and how many puffs are left.

The user-friendly design allows you to reload the vape over and over. Thanks to the anti-leak filling mechanism, you don’t have to fear accidental leaks.

Even though it’s primarily designed for DTL vaping, there are VooPoo PnP coils that are more resistant and can be used for MTL vaping. This precise option to switch vaping styles makes the Drag S a hit with seasoned vapers.

Top perks:

  • Large integrated battery;
  • Automatic selection of wattage;
  • Vast choice of coils.

Elf Bar Strawberry Ice Disposable Vape

Elf Bar’s Strawbery Ice disposable vape has been a fan favorite for a while now, and for a good reason.

Besides looking delicious, the Strawberry Ice can deliver up to 600 puffs, which equals 20 regular cigarettes, without breaking the bank.

Due to the use of nic salts, the Strawberry Ice vape won’t hurt your throat and will deliver a smooth hit. Aside from the Strawberry Ice, there are more than 20 available flavors to try. 

For those looking for a no-hassle vape with plenty of options to choose from, the Strawberry Ice is the correct hit.

Top perks:

  • Equals 20 tobacco cigarettes;
  • No maintenance;
  • Huge flavor selection.

Aspire Pockex 

Simplicity and functionality make the Pockex vape kit by Aspire the go-to choice for vapers that want to experience the proper form of vaping without that many design features. 

Aspire chose not to alter the design of the Pockex – it’s been the same since 2016 – simple-looking, dependable, and it gets the job done, which makes it a preferred choice among vapers. 

Thanks to the one-button activation mode and the variety of compatible coils, the Pockex has seamlessly helped tobacco smokers switch to vaping. 

While simple to use, the Pockex is also easy to refill, even when you’re in a hurry. 

Plus, the pod will automatically detect the wattage depending on the coil you use – whether it’s a high-resistance or low-resistance one and will have you experience massive vapor.

Top perks:

  • Dependable pen design;
  • One-button operation mode;
  • Compatible with different coils.

Innokin Z Force 

This one is a highly versatile sub-ohm vape compatible with 18650 and 21700 batteries that can deliver up to 100W of sheer vaping power. It’s one of the preferred vapes for both seasoned vapers and newcomers.

Designed with ergonomy, the vape will sit nicely in your hand for a comfortable vaping sesh.

The Z Force vape by Innokin runs on 2ml tanks that use DuoPrime wicking coils. Boasting two mesh coils, you’re in for the ride of your lifetime with the Z Force. One coil pre-heats the e-liquid for the ultimate flavor hit, while the other vaporizes the liquid and gives you substantial vapor clouds. 

To activate the vape, press the trigger under the display and vape away!

Don’t worry about leaks when replacing the coil; the Z Force features a mechanism that secures the liquid. Just push the mouthpiece aside to fill up the vape to fill the tank.

Top Perks:

  • Coils are super easy to change;
  • Battery lasts longer;
  • Superb flavor and vapor production.

Best Vapes to Start: Key Takeaway

The market is flooded from disposables like the Strawbery Ice to super-ergonomic vape designs like that of the Z Force. Each of the vapes on our list delivers maximum results, letting vapers enjoy the ultimate vape sesh using the best. 

Recheck our list and take a pick – you can’t go wrong!

How Chipz aims to revolutionize gambling and DeFi

Chipz is an upcoming crypto-based gambling platform utilizing blockchain technology to change the way players experience gambling platforms.

With several innovative new features, it allows players to bet on any topic they want, all in a single place. Launching later this month, it has the world of gambling and DeFi on its toes. 

The global gambling industry is worth around 265 billion dollars. It’s an industry that remains popular around the globe, with gamblers often interacting on gambling platforms, making bets, engaging in discussions, and making new friends in the process.

But one issue holds players back. They often need different platforms based on what they’re betting on. Most traditional platforms will focus on a specific niche. Sports, gaming, politics, cryptocurrency. The result? Players need to make a different account for each one. Now a new cryptocurrency is looking to solve this problem with blockchain technology.

What Is Chipz?

Chipz is an innovative cryptocurrency project looking to solve many of the problems faced by modern bettors. The platform allows players to bet on any topics around the globe, from politics and esports to live streams, sports, and cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional betting platforms, it allows users to enjoy the benefits of DeFi-backed solutions that introduce several new exciting elements to the gambling experience. 

The team behind the project includes Joab Garza, an experienced NFT game developer who built the highly successful Tezatopia, and Justin Lally, a key member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Together with Josh Thompson, they’ve built a team of experts looking to change the gambling world with blockchain technology. They’re also supported by one of the best advisory boards in the world of crypto. This advisory board includes the owner of Golden Knight’s, Gavin Maloof, NFL Star Todd Duckett, DJ Lethal, Jacob Busch from the Anheuser Busch family, and the chairman of Staxos, Nick Wilson.

The project is being developed in Costa Rica and will go live this month with the projects social media campaigns in full swing. So far there has been a significant amount of interest from their audience, who are excited to see what blockchain technology can do for the future of gambling.

Innovation At Every Level 

One of the most exciting things about Chipz is they’re not just making a few changes, they’re taking gambling to a whole new level. On the platform, players can bet with USDC, whilst enjoying a number of several changes that aren’t available on traditional platforms. One such option is stake to earn. On the platform, each transaction will incur a 3% fee, which is placed into a revenue share pool. Investors can choose to stake their tokens in this shared pool and as a result, will earn an income based on the amount they’ve staked. 

Another exciting feature of Chipz is its bookmaking options. Despite being a popular option amongst current players, bookmaking has always been somewhat expensive. Players would often have to pay upwards of $20 a month before they’d even made a bet.

With Chipz, players can enjoy several deals and giveaways that will allow players to enjoy without needing to spend a high % of their earnings. They’ve announced deals as low as $60 for a whole year, as well as lucrative giveaways for players who want to get in early. But get in fast, as they’ve only available until the end of 2021!

The final feature that has bettors excited is the focus on global events. Each year, Chipz will hold a number of events based on major world changes. These could include a change in political leaders, how many goals will be scored in a championship match, and who will win awards at events. 

The CHIPZ Token 

Chipz is an ERC 20 utility token that can be found on Binance Smart Chain, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap. Following the launch of the platform in December, the team has announced they will also make the token available on several additional popular exchanges. 

The token itself also has a unique use that helps it stand out in a crowded crypto market. During a bet, gamers can speculate on its value, allowing them to profit when its value is increasing.

Additionally, the platform also allows players to stake their CHIPZ during a game, adding to the potential reward from their winnings. This exciting feature will allow players to win more from their bets and can be used to make bets more enjoyable. 

Chipz Is a Must For All DeFi Bettors

Chipz is arguably the best upcoming gambling platform in the DeFi space. With a range of exciting new features and a great team building the project, it’s a project that has the potential to completely change the gambling market.

It will launch this December, with a roadmap already planned for mid-2020 and a community excited for what it will offer. Should the launch be a success, Chipz could one day become the number one DeFi gambling platform in the world.