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The future of music NFTS is here

Music NFTs are one of the fastest-growing branches within the NFT realm. If you’ve been closely following NFT news, you surely came across a wide range of original, bold, creative, and even downright crazy NFT drops.

From memes to bored apes, to artwork signed by Stan Lee—there’s no end to the ways in which NFTs can be applied, dropped, and promoted. Of course, NFTs aren’t limited to digital art. It’s fair game for any digital asset, including music.

The Kings of Leon was the first band to release an album as an NFT, featuring tokens that unlock special perks such as special albums, limited-edition vinyl, exclusive art, and front row seats to future concerts—for life.

When NFT’s become musical, and profitable

According to an article on CoinDesk, “Bajan rapper Haleek Maul made $226,800 in music NFT sales on Catalog, while his annualized Spotify earnings are just $178.” Maul went on to tell CoinDest that he “…made 81 ETH from five Catalog sales, which at the time was worth more than $250,000.”

The element of profitability doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the creators themselves. The holders can also get a piece of the pie, as in the case of UK-based FRESHA Records.

FRESHA Records is the combined entity of legendary UK 90’s dance labels, Fresh and Freskanova Records, to celebrate 30 years of dance hits. On March 25, the combined entity will release a collection of royalty-share (LDA) NFTs, dubbed 90’s NOW, based on some of the labels’ all-time biggest chart and club hits.

FRESHA will tokenize 10 classic singles and 2 albums as NFTs for the collection on the OpenSea marketplace, including some of the labels’ all-time biggest hits. 

Holders of the NFTs will be entitled to a 10-year royalty share of the proceeds generated from the source song or album, earned at an annual rate of 15% net prorated all label income and label share, excluding publishing.

The future of music NFTs

This just might be the dawn of a new era in the NFT space, serving as a win-win for everyone in the music industry, from labels to artists, to holders.

It’s safe to say that music NFTs have come a long way since their early days, which mainly consisted of an underground following made up of producers, DJs, and other players in the music industry itself.

It has gone on to become a transformative force, which also creates dialogue as it unites each respective fanbase on Discord who shares the same passion. As stated in TIME magazine, “Before, your fanbase couldn’t be in the label meetings with you. But now we all are the label together.”

There is still plenty of room for disruption for music NFTs because even remixes can be incentivized as an upgradable NFT.

According to the digital agency Blue Manakin, “Upgradable NFTs open the possibility of more efficient distribution of music, that does not have to go through intermediaries and that facilitates the creation of exclusive material, collaborations, and remixes, without the legal implications that often arise.”  

Considering all the opportunities that have yet to be tapped, we have barely scratched the surface of the potential of music NFTs.

The best background music for supporting your gaming addiction

Video games and music have always been intrinsically linked, from minimalist bleeps that signified a successful shot in Pong, to the insanely catchy tunes that accompanied the shape-twisting antics needed to beat Tetris.

Once the video game industry started to become more mainstream, the soundtracks from games such as Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter became as much a part of the game as the characters and the iconic sound effects.

One of the main reasons that music has become such a huge part of video gaming is because of its ability to trigger emotions.

As with films and TV shows, the background elements all contribute to the way we experience the action and influence how we feel about what we’re seeing on our screens.

This has become more and more relevant as video games have become more immersive – better graphics, more intuitive controls, and even virtual reality have taken gaming to the next level of player engagement.

The music that accompanies that is all part of the experience and developers know that it is a vital element when setting a scene to ensure that the player can really see themselves in the character representing them.

Music in video games

Some games are designed to give players the freedom to build their own worlds and use their creativity to tailor their experience to suit whatever appeals to them most.

For example, the best-selling game of all time, Minecraft, is specifically designed as a ‘sandbox’ in which players are encouraged to explore the limits of their own creativity rather than to achieve a specific goal. 

Although it has a range of sound effects, the sheer variety of experiences available in Minecraft means that a single soundtrack could be more of a distraction than contributing to the overall gameplay.

In some modes, some individual tracks are triggered by specific actions, and players can activate in-game jukeboxes to choose tracks to listen to as they play. 

Otherwise, players can choose the music they want to listen to and, in the true spirit of the game, players have created their own soundtracks to listen to when performing various tasks and made them available to other players. 

From rhythmic beats to help stay motivated when mining to triumphant tunes to celebrate a big achievement, players have made Minecraft their own with the music they choose to listen to while playing.

Music to create an atmosphere

Certain genres of games lend themselves to specific types of music, and the popular sector of horror games has pioneered the use of eerie and haunting music to create an atmosphere that transports the player into the game.

While visual designers create virtual worlds that are thoroughly terrifying, composers add to the experience with music that draws players in and brings an additional element of terror to the gameplay. 

With the benefits of modern technology at their fingertips, they have libraries packed with sinister sounds and a range of spooky sound effects at their disposal.

Using the very latest in recording technology, game composers can create utterly terrifying music that enhances the hyper-realistic graphics and intricately designed backgrounds.

Similarly, action games such as first-person shooters combine the fast-paced action on- screen with frenetic music that reflects the urgency of the action taking place in the game.

For many games, thrashing heavy metal is the soundtrack of choice as it creates a sense of urgency that gives players the motivation to carry on running around and tackling whatever foes they may encounter.

Music to inspire success

In some games, players can choose from a pre-defined list of tracks to play along to. This is often the case with sports-based games where there is no real plot or storyline to narrate through the music, so players can just choose a song they like.

FIFA has included a new soundtrack for every season released, including mainstream artists such as:

  • Kasabian
  • Wyclef Jean
  • Paul Oakenfold
  • Doves
  • Jamiroquai
  • Bloc Party
  • Oasis
  • Duffy
  • The Script

While some of these artists have been included because of their popularity, others have had their profile significantly raised by being included in globally recognized games. 

Casino gaming is another genre where the music contributes to the atmosphere more than the actual gameplay, and gamers often choose tracks that recreate the sensation of playing in a land-based casino.

This can help them enter into the spirit of the game and add to the entertainment factor of playing this kind of game.

Even within the casino gaming genre, there are certain types of music that lend themselves to different types of games. Poker and blackjack, where players are using their analytical skills, lend themselves more to sophisticated tracks such as those found on Bond movie soundtracks. 

Players that opt for slots, however, might find that upbeat pop music helps them to keep their focus as they play. Some themed games have their own soundtracks that contribute to the way the game is actually played and reflect the theme that makes the game so appealing.

These games are often popular because players can have all their senses stimulated at once in a game that has visual, audio, and thematic appeal.

The popularity of music in games not only works to help players achieve their best scores, but it also helps create a sense of familiarity that makes playing that particular game more pleasurable. 

How the Mutant Soldiers NFTs are becoming the next blue-chip project

The rise in the market of non-fungible tokens is a story that has captured the attention of billions in a short time. One such innovation in these collectibles is the Mutant Soldiers NFTs collection.

The uniqueness of the technology has led to heavy surges in numbers. According to highly credible market estimates, the market size for NFTs touched US$41 billion by the end of 2021.

To get a sense of how significant this size is: the market size of conventional art and antiques that have taken hundreds of years to grow is US$50 billion.

What appears even more exciting is that this market of NFTs is showing no signs of decline. The globally revered investment bank Jefferies believes that the market will cross US$80 billion by 2025. 

One of the core reasons that drive growth in this segment is the diversity of opportunities. The potential that NFT offers is something that every industry segment is keen to leverage.

Innovators in the field are excited. The uniqueness of services and products they are bringing in are hard to resist for the users, causing massive encouragement for investors to pump in funds. One such innovation in NFT collectibles is the Mutant Soldiers collection.

Mutant Soldiers by The Endless Expanse  

The 10,000 unique NFTs by the Endless Expanse is the first NFT collection of the Endless Expanse. These items are mutated super-soldiers, born as a result of biological, robotic, nanotech, and radioactive experiments.

Apart from opening up a world of mysterious and powerful mutants, this collection comes with many other privileges and advantages. 

The Benefits of Holding Mutant Soldiers

Holding the Mutant Soldiers imply free access to TradersSynergy, a sophisticated trading group focused on crypto assets. It helps investors present in its ecosystem to move to the next level.

Secondly, proceeds generated from its sale help thrive high-potential projects, businesses, and crypto ventures as investments. Holders benefit by receiving a percentage of the profits.

The project airdrops this profit directly, at frequent intervals, into users’ crypto wallets.

Ownership Tiers

Endless Expanse has well-formulated plans to continue with its collection of NFTs. After the revelation of the first series, the platform will release its second NFT collection and create a whitelist for the most involved Mutant Soldiers holders.

Eventually, it will take the entire concept to the Metaverse with charts and technical analyses. It will invite external traders and financial advisors, encouraging a cross-domain ecosystem of opportunities from all domains.

Based on the ownership tier a holder belongs to, the levels of benefits will grow. For instance, getting an entry to the first collection will imply a chance to get in on the first fundraising round, where eighty percent of the funds goes directly into a hedge fund system. 

There are three tiers of benefits according to the number of NFTs a user holds. The holders of 1 NFT from the series will qualify for 0.005 percent of benefits, while the holders of 5 NFTs will be eligible for 0.03 percent of benefits.

The highest tier of benefits – so far – is for the holders of 10 NFTs, who will receive 0.065 percent of benefits. It implies that if the project earns US$100,000 in two weeks, the holders of 10 NFTs will earn US$100,000*0.065=US$65. If we look at the total sum disbursed, the project gives more than 50% of its income back to the holders. 

Track Your Investments and Gains Seamlessly 

The users will have a personalized dashboard with all investment-related information in one place. Participants would see their profits directly in their dashboard.

What offers more trust and credibility and trust to the tracking system is that both holders and non-holders can view the data. The airdropping of tokens will happen on Sundays at an interval of two weeks.

Endless Expanse will have its DAO and merchandise collection in the days to come. We will see releases with 80 percent of initial sales combined with 20 royalties added to the treasury.

The holders will also qualify to vote to decide on the nature of algorithmic changes, the financial updates, and the expansion of the ecosystem. 

To know more about the Mutant Soldiers collection, one can check the project’s Twitter, Instagram, or Discord accounts. The price of each NFT is 0.08 ETH. One can mint up to 5 Mutant Soldiers per transaction on the public sale. 

Esport World: Football Players Investing More Time in the Industry

Esports is growing by numbers and personas. It’s not just 14-year-olds these days, but it’s also adults. It’s now even considered a profession for some.

This is prompting players to invest more in esports both as an investment opportunity or in their careers after football. For example, the last player mentioned is Mesut Ozil who will be trying to win on Fortnite E-Sports. 

Nowadays, due to the growth people can also bet on e-sport on games such as CS GO, Dota etc. In fact it’s estimated to reach a market size of 24, 190 million USD by 2028.

Bookmakers also provide welcome offers such as the Ladbrokes sign-up offer, where you will need to deposit at least £5 and place a bet with odds of at least 1/2. Once you do so, you will get a £20 free bet which you need to use within 14 days. 

A Very Attractive New Industry

Esports industry

The eSports industry is evidently on the rise, and there are several reports saying that it is worth more than £940 million, which is a stunning sum. What is more, this number is expected to grow even further with the emergence of digital advertising in several live events in the coming years.

There are some forecasts that say that the industry will grow each year by 17.5% by 2030, so it is easy to see why so many big names start to invest in the esports market.

The business increase of the esports market is also helped by the number of fans that tune in to the sport. At the moment, it is expected that the esports fan base will reach 1 billion people by the end of 2025.

Moreover, there are several publications and tournaments that look set to show that esports is the future of competitive entertainment. There are new audiences hitting the industry all the time, and more and more news outlets are created to deliver the latest news in the sector.

Footballers as Investors

Esports has been a hit among all types of celebrities, including football players. Often, players will act as the faces of brands, teams, and companies in the world of professional esports gaming. As well as being just faces, it is often that you will find these guys investing in the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at which are some of the football players that are active participants in businesses operating in the esports market.

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is one of the best strikers to ever grace the football pitch, and nowadays, he acts as the CEO of KRU Esports. It is an organization that is based in both Argentina and Spain, countries where Aguero was active in his playing days.

There are several competitions that the organization is active in, such as Rocket League, VALORANT, and FIFA. After Aguero announced his retirement, he has been more active in the esports industry, and he seems content with this choice.

Mesut Ozil

We already mentioned Ozil above, and he seems to be the most active esports player at the moment. He owns a professional eSports team active in FIFA and several Fortnite events that is known as the M10 Team.

He founded the organization in 2018, and at the moment, the M10 team focuses mainly on finding and developing talents in eSports.


The Real Madrid midfielder founded CaseEsports back in October 2020. At the moment, he owns two teams, one for FIFA and the other for VALORANT. The organization has offices in Spain, and Casemiro is also an ambassador of HyperX, which is a gaming tech company.

Dele Alli

Dele Alli was once named as EXCEL ESPORTS’ first global ambassador in 2020 after he signed a partnership deal with the organization. Currently, Dele Alli plays his trade at Everton, but he seems very active in the eSports industry.

Cesar Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta is one of the most experienced players in the Premier League, and he looks to fill his free time with his own eSports team. The team is called Falcons, and he formed it in 2020. It competes in FIFA.

David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most popular names on our list. He is the co-owner of the eSports talent development agency called Guild Esports. The company was launched in 2020, and a year later, the Guild Academy was formed, which is an online eSports training subscription service.

An inside look at Jim Jones’ latest NFT drop

Mogul Productions, a global NFT marketplace for film, music and television, has teamed up with iconic American rap artist Jim Jones in hosting a groundbreaking NFT collection drop.

Jim Jones is a leading name in the American music industry. He is the co-CEO of Diplomat Records with Cam’ron, the founding members of the rap collective The Diplomats. 

Three of his five released studio albums reached #1 on the US Rap Chart. Apart from producing popular songs like ‘We Fly High’ and ‘We Set the Trends,’ Jones is a crypto-enthusiast who has also created a social token, $CapoCoin. 

The collection built around Jim Jones will launch exclusively on the Mogul NFT marketplace. Included in these featured items will be the chance to own the world’s first crypto song as an NFT.

The upcoming collection from Jim Jones comes out under the banner “Digital Money”.

STARS, the native token of Mogul, will power the collection. The drop on Binance Smart Chain will coincide with Jones’s performance at the 2022 NFT LA conference, with thousands of music fans and NFT enthusiasts participating. 

More About ‘Digital Money’

“Digital Money” includes four NFT tiers, each providing users with access and insights into music production. There is a tier which allows users to attend a virtual studio session in the metaverse.

Another lets the crypto holders meet Jones and his production team. The in-person studio session will happen in the US.  One up-and-coming artist who is able to grab the collection’s 1:1 NFT will receive the unique opportunity to team up with Jones and provide his next song’s lyrics.

Mogul’s Journey in the DeFi and NFT Space

Mogul collaborates with some of the most prominent names in film, music and television, helping artists connect with their ardent fans. Moreover, Mogul makes the process of artists connecting with fans more exciting, by equipping fans with innovative ways to engage and co-create with them. 

In every area of film, music and television, Mogul carves out a niche for fans to have a voice. As an immersive and inclusive platform, Mogul is able to leverage the unique features of decentralization to include community members in the production process.

It is one of the first cross-chain NFT marketplaces known for out-of-the-box approaches to minting and launching exclusive collections.  Combined with the capabilities of being a DeFi platform, Mogul leads the space where tokenization mechanisms intersect with entertainment. 

Apart from the Jim Jones launch, Mogul Productions has NFTs from many Hollywood icons. Signing up and acquiring these NFTs makes one eligible to engage with filmmakers in more meaningful ways. Plus there are the usual advantages of purchasing artwork, footage, and experiences through NFTs.

The Mogul Marketplace is not only for the consumer’s benefit.  It strengthens the entire entertainment ecosystem. The Mogul team helps creators who submit their projects, methodically turn them into NFT collection drops.

Creators get the scope to collaborate, build interest, and even get their films funded through Mogul.

Mogul Productions enjoys the backing of many leading DeFi industry players as its partners, including Chainlink, CEEK, Polygon, Apeswap, Anyswap, NFTY, and more. 

The native STARS token fuels the platform. Holding STARS helps projects get submitted for consideration and voted on for the next big blockbuster. Apart from community ownership and governance rights, STARS can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Holders can earn more STARS by staking them. 

Overall, Mogul’s visionary approach towards the entertainment industry helps it benefit from NFT technology. It has created a stronger synergy between artists and their fans. The trajectory of Mogul in the days to come will be an exciting story to track. 

Cliff Token, the Deflationary Dog Token That Keeps Growing

The Cliff token or $CLIFF is the first token with a true burn function that increases the price per coin when it completes a buyback and burn function of its circulating supply.

Just as in the traditional finance space, digital assets also suffer from inflation. While things like the Bitcoin halving are in place, other parts of the digital asset space are still subjected to inflation. 

However, due to the space’s goal of creating a more sustainable financial system, numerous projects are creating deflationary solutions and tokens. 

One of the more notable projects working towards a digital asset space without inflation is Cliff token

Due to the true buyback and burn mechanism being hardcoded into the token, $CLIFF has the ability to not only reduce the circulating supply but also positively impact the tokens price, a truly unique and revolutionary function.

In addition to the groundbreaking buyback and burn function, the project developers have created a business plan to help guide the token to the future and avoid the missteps suffered by many projects where a lack of long-term volume hinders further development and potential reinvestment.

To avoid this, $CLIFF will invest a percentage of the marketing wallet into yield-bearing assets, with any realized profits reintroduced back into the project through marketing, token buybacks, and more. This reinvesting will increase awareness of the project and attract new investors, while ensuring $Cliff does not rely solely on volume.

The $CLIFF Project & Ecosystem

$CLIFF is a highly deflationary, Ethereum-based token that continually grows through deflationary techniques and further income generation. 

The token will grow outwards through a buyback and burn of the $CLIFF supply and by using a portion of the marketing funds to build an investment portfolio. $CLIFF’s investment portfolio will be made up of blue-chip NFTs, stable coin staking, large and medium cap altcoins, yield farms, and high-risk, high-reward plays. 

Profits made from the investment portfolio will be reinvested into $CLIFF and used to buy and burn $CLIFF supply, marketing and project development. The investment portfolio will also serve to develop partnerships with other projects they have invested in, ultimately growing the $CLIFF community in the process.

RED Tokens

RED is a governance token used to submit ideas and vote on investments the team decides to invest in. These tokens can only be acquired by staking $CLIFF, with 40% of the total token’s supply deposited into a pool, which can only be earned for one year, commencing on the first available staking date. 

As the project begins to demonstrate the incentive users can receive by yielding RED, 30% of the reserve will be released to earn by staking RED and Ethereum liquidity tokens to a pool.

The project also allows users to access detailed investment moves that the team will make. RED holders will vote by delegating their RED to the pool and voting for or against these moves. Users will also be able to propose ideas to the team using RED, and if the concept is sound, it will be brought into the Cliff foundation, where others can vote on whether the idea should be implemented or not. 

RED is also used to accrue yields from their assets as they develop further. Users can stake RED and earn a percentage of the inflow based on the amount the holder owns. 

For example, if the team earns a return in Ethereum from an investment, a percentage of the profits will then be deployed to a pool where RED stakers can instantly claim based on the amount of RED they have staked and the time it has been staked. 


The Cliff project also offers a unique NFT set called the RED ROOM that gives the holder a multiplier boost when staking RED tokens. The staking boost is based on the rarity of the NFT – the rarer NFT, the higher the staking boost the user will receive. 

The NFT set will be minted at base value, with holders having the ability to increase rarity through burning $CLIFF tokens.

The NFTs will also work as placeholders to buy and receive Cliff metaverse NFTs like the vox NFTs from the sandbox.

Cliff’s high deflationary token has already been listed on the BitMart and HotBit exchanges and was recently listed on LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform. The Cliff token has not just started its journey but continues to progress towards achieving the project’s goal of creating a space with less inflation, hedging against increased cost throughout the world.  

GUZZLER uses gaming NFTs as a gateway into the metaverse

Guzzler is establishing the official infrastructure that will allow users to conveniently travel throughout the metaverse using customizable and operable cars in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The metaverse is the future of online virtual interactions. In a web 3.0 world where data privacy, security, and ownership are paramount, blockchain will be the backbone of our metaverse.

To those who are uninitiated to the possibilities inherent in this brave new world, the metaverse is a persistent, shared virtual 3D space, which can be accessed using an immersive virtual reality (VR) headset or via a PC web browser in the case of less-immersive experiences. It is also possible to access metaverse spaces through augmented reality (AR).

Metaverse Explained

To get a clear understanding, think of the metaverse as a giant, interconnected series of virtual “rooms” where people can socialize, hold business meetings, attend concerts or sporting events, share documents, play immersive games together – all in a completely virtual environment.

The metaverse is not only the next step in the evolution of multiplayer gaming; it will be an entirely new paradigm for how humans interact online. It may even become much more than what we can imagine at the moment as it evolves in its ability to mimic real life.

If you thought social media and the internet have transformed how humans satisfy their intrinsic need to connect, then you haven’t seen what the metaverse can do. At its core, the metaverse will be a powerful tool for building stronger connections between people across different geographies and cultures and that is why giant social media companies are excited about its possibilities.

Currently, the concept of the metaverse is gaining reactions and various institutions are at work building the necessary infrastructure to support this brave new world. The most notable of these is the GUZZLER platform which is built with customizable and operable NFT sports cars that will transport you throughout the metaverse.

What is GUZZLER?

Just as we need cars to transport us from point A to point B in the real world, we will also need transportation into and out of the different metaverse spaces in a virtual world. Unless you want to travel throughout the metaverse on foot, you are going to need a form of transportation. This is where GUZZLER comes in.

The platform leverages the growing use of NFTs in games to create a marketplace for gamers who not only want to race their virtual cars in the metaverse but also want to gain dividends and rewards from the ownership of those NFT cars.

Through gameplay, GUZZLER’s users will be able to mint new NFT cars including accessories such as wheels, body kits, and performance parts all in the form of NFTs.

Simply put, GUZZLER will enable players to buy some rare wheels and install them to create the most unique car throughout the entire metaverse. If the player wants to upgrade, all they have to do is either sell their rare NFT car on GUZZLER’s NFT marketplace or make a purchase of a new customizable part on the marketplace.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain network (one of the biggest platforms for NFTs today) GUZZLER features an ERC-20 token (GZLR) to its platform that is used to enable the platform’s scalability and interoperability.

Apart from getting access to special NFTs through gameplay and rewards, players of the GUZZLER game can become investors in the platform by staking the platform’s GZLR token.

As a player on the platform, you can stake your GZLR tokens to earn performance parts for your NFT car, sell that car for Ethereum (ETH) or simply accrue reflections and or performance part NFTs paid out to stakers on the platform.

GUZZLER’s Tokenomics

GUZZLER’s native token ($GZLR ) will serve to increase the platform’s scalability, security and fund the ongoing growth of GUZZLER through a taxation system.

Built into the$GZLR’s tokenomics is an anti-whale feature that prevents instances of overwhelming sell pressure. The $GZLR tax system is flexible and will start with a 7% overall tax.

Out of this 7%, 3% will go to marketing, another 3% will be pumped into $GZLR’s liquidity pools and the remaining 1% will go to reflections for $GZLR holders.

Users who stake the platform’s native token will receive rewards in the form of exclusive NFTs that will never be available to the public. This category of exclusive NFTs on the GUZZLER play-to-earn platform will also be accessible to those who complete the game’s single-player mode.

For players looking to improve the performance of their NFT cars, GUZZLER will offer performance parts to those who want to equip their cars with special rims, body kits and performance part upgrades.

Players can also improve the performance of their cars by buying new tires or even faster engines. Players have access to these car upgrades through token staking, gameplay, or the platform’s NFT marketplace.


NFTs are fuelling the future of the metaverse and the token economy through gaming.

To help push NFTs forward, GUZZLER is building a platform for true gamers that will serve as a gateway into the metaverse and NFTs. GUZZLER’s exclusive NFT releases will include cars, wheels, body accessories, and color modifications that will make gameplay more interesting and dynamic.

In addition, players on the GUZZLER platform will have exclusive access to a decentralized NFT marketplace where they can buy or sell their customized cars as well as performance parts for those cars.

By staking the platform’s native tokens, users of the GUZZLER platform will be able to earn passive income from the platform’s reflection thereby turning players into investors who earn dividends on the NFTs they own.

So far, GUZZLER is championing its campaign towards amassing its next milestone of 5000 token holders not to mention the creation of multiple racetracks for its users.

Tips for Gamers Playing Online For the First Time

Online gaming is one of the best things to engage yourself in the digitalized world we live in. However, online gaming might sound somewhat confusing, especially if you have no idea of what it feels like. Along with the fun and immersion of online gaming, there could be some disadvantages.

This shouldn’t scare you away, though, because the pros far outweigh the cons. So, before you head on to sit for long hours in front of that monitor or PC, you wouldn’t want to miss the tips discussed in this article. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to grab some hacks from

5 Tips you should know before your first online gaming experience

  1. Find a genre first

The fact that all your friends are fans of first-shooter games shouldn’t limit your scope to shooter games only. There are games in other genres that might interest you better. So, we recommend that you spend some time online exploring different game genres before finally settling for one.

 There are other genres such as adventure, casino, puzzle, strategy, and even role-player games such as Hitman. You’ll most certainly find something that suits your style; it’s up to you to find it.

  1. Watching your games helps

Many game guides emphasize watching pro players during their gaming sessions to help you advance your gaming skills, strategy, and tactics. In addition, you’ll improve your gameplay if you take some time off to watch your games.

You can make recordings of yourself or watch replays. You’ll find opportunities that you missed in the heat of the game. Also, comparing your gaming approach and tactics with what you see when you watch pros will help you identify flaws and work on them.

  1. Gear up with good gaming equipment

You’ll struggle a lot if you’re using gear that is not specific to gaming. We’re not saying that you can’t enjoy your game with your old HP Elitebook – you can. However, you won’t make significant progress compared to another gamer who’s using a gaming-specific laptop.

It’s worse when you’re playing a competitive game against a player with better gear. For the best experience, go for gaming-specific equipment, including headphones, mouse/controller, laptop/monitor, etc. We also recommend an ergonomic chair to avoid aches that come with sitting in one spot for too long.

  1. Be proactive with online security.

With the alarming rate of fraudulent activities present on the internet of late, we strongly advise that you be extra careful. With online gaming, you’ll encounter actual persons behind those avatars and codenames instead of the AI you play within solo games.

Some individuals on gaming platforms may have dark intentions. You must never share your personal information with persons you meet online, no matter how friendly they seem. More importantly, never use your real names on gaming platforms. For increased security, use strong passwords that contain a mixture of special characters, numbers, and letters.

  1. Stay time-conscious

You’ll hardly find an online game that you wouldn’t want to spend hours playing. Whatever the case may be, you must always stay in control of how much time you spend in front of that screen. In addition to the time you’ll be whiling away, there are other disadvantages this comes with. You could develop health issues from staring at a screen for too long. 

Some common complaints are itching or dry eyes and lower back pain. The latter is common with gamers who are into the habit of slouching in their seat. While blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from complications that arise from prolonged exposure to screens, learn to manage your time effectively. Set time limits and discipline yourself to stick with them.


Find a game genre that fits your personality and style – there are tons to choose from. To get the best gaming experience and improve faster, we recommend using gaming-specific gear and equipment. In addition to the convenience of using them, they also account for additional speed. 

Watch pro players and compare their gameplay with yours to further sharpen your gaming skills. Moreover, you’ll need to take proactive measures to avoid the downsides of online gaming. First off, manage your time well and avoid sharing too much information online.

Which is better: download casinos or instant casinos?

The majority of punters of online casino games have, sometimes, been faced with the choice of whether to play on their device’s browser by using an instant play casino or probably by downloading the casino software.

Since you find yourself on this page, you’re likely to be among the curious casino players who are eager to know which is better between the download and instant play casinos, and this article is here to help.

 However, first-time online gamblers are always the potential beneficiaries of online casino with minimum deposit; hence, they need to be equally equipped with the necessary information on the best method to play their games.

And as explained in this article, knowing both ways will help you utilise those bonus codes and your gaming experience efficiently.

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Download casino and instant play casino

A download casino is one of the well-known gambling solutions that allows players to download the casino software on their mobile devices or PCs, which gives them easy access to their preferred casino games.

A download casino is created to link punters to the casino server without using web browsers. One of the great qualities of a download casino is that players do not necessarily need the internet to play except for software installation or regular software updates. 

Instant games are online casino-style games that you can play instantly without having to download any software. They are a great way to try out new casino games or practice your skills before playing for real money.

Many online casinos offer instant games, and they can be played for free or for real money.

An instant-play casino allows gamblers to gamble online with the available casino games using web browsers. By instant play, it means players do not need to download and install the software before they can navigate through and play the games available by the casino.

However, gamblers generally refer to instant play casinos as no-download casinos because of the fact that it doesn’t require software applications to be installed. 

Advantages of a download casino

There are many advantages to playing at a download casino. One big advantage is that you will usually find a wider range of games to choose from compared to an instant-play casino.

This is because the software providers make their complete suite of games available to players who download the casino client. So if you’re looking for the widest possible selection of slot games, for example, then a download casino is definitely the way to go.

Another advantage of playing at a download casino is that the graphics and sound are usually better quality than in an instant play casino. This is because the downloaded casino client has access to more resources on your computer than an instant play game running in your browser.

So if you’re looking for the best possible gaming experience, then again, a download casino is the way to go.

Of course, one downside of playing at a download casino is that you need to download and install the casino client onto your computer. This can take up some space on your hard drive and may slow down your computer if you’re not used to running programs like this.

But overall, the advantages of playing at a download casino definitely outweigh any potential downsides.

So if you’re looking for the best possible online gaming experience, then we recommend giving a download casino a try.

Disadvantages of a download casino

To ensure you are presented with a look at both sides of the coin, we have also included a few significant cons of a download casino.

First of all, it should be noted that downloading the real online casino software can sometimes be a challenge.

If you are short of storage space on your device’s drive, it may prove hard and impossible for you to successfully download the casino software. 

Another factor to be wary of when planning to use a download casino online is the issue of compatibility. If you happen to be a PC user, you tend not to be concerned with compatibility issues.

However, players that use mobile devices or Mac computers must be ready to search extensively to get a perfect casino download suitable for their hardware. 

Advantages of an instant play casino

One of the main advantages of playing at an instant-play casino is that you can play your favourite casino games without having to download any software.

This means that you can play at the casino on any computer, as long as you have an internet connection. Instant play casinos are also great for people who want to try out a new casino, as you can do so without having to commit to downloading any software.

Another great advantage of instant play casinos is that they tend to offer a wider range of games than download casinos. This is because the instant play format means that there is no need to download and install any casino software, so more games can be offered.

Finally, instant play casinos tend to be more user-friendly than download casinos. This is because you can start playing immediately without having to go through any installation process.

Instant play casinos are the perfect choice for casual players or those who want to try out a new casino without committing to a long-term relationship.

Disadvantages of an instant play casino

To present a balanced look, the lists below are the reasons you may not want to consider instant play casino: 

  • Lesser Games: A common shortcoming of an instant play casino is that they usually provide players with lesser games than download casinos.

According to players’ reviews, it is observed that less than 30% to 40% of games are found on instant play casinos when compared to online casino downloads. 

  • It is Slower: Users of instant play casinos seem to experience clogs sometimes because instant play casinos do not benefit from downloading the casino software.

Although this awful experience does not always surface, players should be mindful of it when picking what’s best for them. 

  • Graphics Quality: In some cases, instant play casinos are characterised by a bit inferior graphics compared to a casino download. 


A download casino is suited for users whose primary objective is to own PCs solely for games; their devices can be used to only download casino software without disturbance from other applications.

It’s a win-win situation for them because its sufficient storage will be mainly dedicated for gaming purposes to satisfy their desires. 

An instant-play casino, on the other hand, will always be preferred over a download casino because it’s created to satisfy the needs of players rather than a download casino.

They do not require PCs’ storage, the location of the bettors does not matter, and no consideration is given to the device used to play in as much as there is a strong internet connection. 

How gaming can improve your life skills. Justifying your gaming habit!

Online games and video games are hugely popular around the world. People enjoy them for many reasons and engage with them on many levels, from a casual way to pass the time to hardcore enthusiasm.

Games are fun, exciting, absorbing, and challenging, and that’s why we love them. But they can also teach us many valuable life skills and help us to hone and improve those we already possess.

We don’t necessarily play games to learn these skills, and gaming isn’t going to school. It’s time out, a chance to relax and get away from the pressures of work and education.

But if we pick up some valuable abilities along the way, that’s a welcome bonus.

Learning beneficial skills through gaming also counters those who still insist that computer games are harmful or an unproductive waste of time.

Brain training

Many video and online games involve puzzle solving and strategy, which are excellent forms of mental exercise to help keep your brain in good shape.

Using memory, logic, concentration, pattern recognition, and lateral thinking in these games, you’ll help stave off ‘brain fog’ and the slowing down of mental processes that come with age.

Video games can be a gymnasium for the mind, and as with other muscles, you need to exercise your brain! 

Money management

Role-playing games, in particular, usually involve a certain amount of buying and selling.

You need to manage your resources, financial or otherwise so that they’ll last you through the game while also acquiring the tools and weapons you need to achieve your goals.

At some point, you’ll need to decide whether purchasing an item is a good use of your resources: is it an essential object or an unnecessary luxury?

Seeing how money management in games can become a useful skill in real life doesn’t take much imagination. When playing at NJ online casinos, you’ll practice money management for real, as you set a budget for how much to spend and stick to it.

If you get lucky and win real money on slots or other games, you can decide whether to spend it or put it aside for future use.


If there’s one thing that regular gaming teaches you, it’s perseverance, patience, deferred gratification, self-discipline, and having to work hard to get what you want.

Gamers call this grinding: when you must keep going through the same repetitive challenges to progress a little further than last time.

As in life, in games, you have to persevere to succeed.

Emotional intelligence

As video games become more sophisticated, they increasingly feature complex narratives and character development and incorporate an emotional journey alongside the regular challenges.

Players must step outside their comfort zone and identify with characters that are often very different from them, seeing the world from their perspective.

They need to understand their problems, sympathize, and make difficult choices from their point of view. All this is useful when building real-world relationships and understanding social issues.

These are just a few valuable life skills you can improve through gaming. Individual games also add other skill sets, from strategy to architectural design.

So, whenever someone tells you that games are a waste of time, remember all the valuable lessons gaming has taught you.