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Atlanta news anchor Sharon Reed claps back at racist ass viewer on air

Sharon Reed, CBS 46 anchor in Atlanta, was discussing the racial dynamics that clearly affected the Atlanta mayoral election between Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms and Councilwoman Mary Norwood.

With Keisha Bottoms, who is Black, winning the election, there was plenty to go over, until Reed had to take a break in the broadcast to point something out.

Reed received a vitriolic email from one viewer named Kathy Rae and read it live on-air,

“You need to be fired for the race baiting comment you made tonight. It’s okay for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites…Really, you are what I call a n*ggr not a Black person. you are a racist n*ggr. you are what’s wrong with the world.”

With the utmost professionalism, Reed debunked the original claim that she and her team, whose races range from white and Black, were somehow race-baiting. Reed said,

“Number one, you mischaracterized what I said. I didn’t say white people couldn’t talk about race, on the contrary, we think race is an authentic discussion to have… It’s what we’re having tonight.”

Then, rather than going off on Rae for her comment, Reed ended the discussion with a classy blow.

“When arguing with somebody, you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint… So I won’t mischaracterize your view either, Kathy Rae. I get it.”

Sharon continued going in saying,

“On December 5th, 2017, you think it’s okay to call this journalist a nigger. I don’t. I could clapback and say a few things to you, but instead I’ll let your words speak for themselves.”

Damn girl!

Of course, the Atlanta election was 100% centered around race, with Norwood, who was looking to become Atlanta’s first white mayor in 40 years, calling for a recount just minutes after Bottoms had announced and celebrated her win.

Per The Root:

“A simple look at the electoral map makes it clear: The northern, whiter parts of Atlanta voted Norwood; the southern, blacker parts of Atlanta voted for Lance Bottoms. It’s also worth noting that Bottoms was the default Democrat in the nonpartisan race and Norwood was a closet Republican.”

Not about race, huh?

Good on Reed for keeping her cool and not giving Rae the bait she was looking for.