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Atlanta Hawks fans who met at ‘Swipe Right Night’ are having wedding on team’s dime

A couple who met at the Atlanta Hawks’ promotional “Swipe Right Night” back in 2015 are now getting married, and the Hawks are hosting the wedding and paying for the ceremony.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported on this success story:

“Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong, who had their first date at the team’s ‘Swipe Right Night’ in 2015, are getting married on March 3, and the Hawks are not only taking care of the bill, but are hosting the celebration.”

When Hawks CEO Steve Koonin learned of McCleskey and Armstrong’s relationship, he suggested that the Hawks would pay for the wedding if the couple got married.

Koonin told Rovell, “Not in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen.”

Well here we are!

As for the two lovebirds, McCloskey said that he always joked he would get married at the Georgia Dome, which was imploded back in November. I guess Philips arena is the next best thing.

“I always joked with my buddies that I would get married at the 50-yard line of the Georgia Dome. Now that that’s not in use any more, this is pretty much the equivalent.”

The Hawks also have the most amazing halftime entertainment in the league in the form of AND1 legend Hot Sauce dicing up random Hawks fans.

Between Hot Sauce crossing the hell out of poor Hawks fans and ‘Swipe Right Night’ turning into a massive success, the Hawks are killing it behind the scenes.

The Hawks currently are tied for the worst record in the NBA, so it’s good to see they’re finding success in some ways. Life is all about silver linings, Hawks fans.

Did your favorite team hook a couple up via a dating app promotional night and then pay for their resulting wedding? Didn’t think so.

Keep killin’ it Atlanta!