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Artist PJ Harper’s extraordinary sculptures truly show off Black beauty

PJ Harper

When it comes to showcasing Black beauty, sculptor and artist PJ Harper is a master.

The artist also known as Pig.Malion on Instagram creates beautiful sculptures showing off a diverse range of appearances. From busts to full-bodied, Harper’s sculptures possess a unique style and a life-like quality to them that makes them feel truly authentic.

The artist’s sculptures take influences from a variety of sources. His Black Beauty Queens series for example draws inspiration from a variety of hairstyles both natural and styled, primarily from the 1990s.

Like much of his art, the series is meant to show appreciation for Black beauty and culture.

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Can’t wait to finally show all these gals together #wip #notlongnow

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Harper’s works are unique in that they showcase a diverse sense of style even within the context of Black beauty. Everything from skin tones, to hairstyles, and even his sculptures’ general shapes are varied and distinct, just like real people.

The colors in these sculptures also stand out and make each one visually striking. Some sculptures also draw inspiration from Harper’s own family, such as this beautiful artwork here:

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My beautiful mama back in the 90’s ✨ #art #sculpture

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As a sculptor creating these amazing works of Black individuals, Harper enriches the art community with diversity. His sculptures not only show the diversity of beauty within the Black community itself but also within people in general.

Beauty comes in many forms, and PJ Harper’s art certainly shows that.

At times, the art world has had struggles with incorporating diversity. Besides Harper’s art, new resources and opportunities are rising up and giving people from underrepresented communities a chance to show off their creativity and have their voices heard.

These advancements will do more than bring new voices to the art community. They’ll help improve the art world as a whole.

For more of PJ Harper’s incredible work, visit his Instagram or his online shop.